4 Difficult Jobs Everyone Thinks They Would Be Good At...

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When you watch a professional do something and it looks easy, it's only because they are very good at it, not that it's actually easy!

It's like watching the team on a car makeover show, they totally transform a vehicle in six days... IT'S NOT EASY, they just make it look that way! :p


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WOW. I loved that article!!

Go figure I have done the top three, and currently do the top 2. I am a Wedding DJ, and Drive for Uber! WOW. ...I do very little driving for Uber though...the money is pretty bad in general. You could pull $125 - $150 a night on a BUSY Friday or Saturday night, but you would have to drive from 5pm to 3 am to get that. ...I can only do 4-5 hours of driving before I'm ready to call it a night. Now that Wedding season is starting I will be doing much less Uber driving...if any.
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