4 Circuit Power Distro Question

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dj Vecchio

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My appologies to how i wrote my post.

" I am sorry to say u will not get 4 separate circuits from any 2 phase plug when u separate the black and red wire. U only get 2.
There are 4 wires inside black red white and green. the only 2 wires that have power is the red and black..."

I should have included that you will only get 2 circuts from a dryer plug or a stove plug unless you have a small breaker box in between the main plug and the outlets that you connect your gear into. Just like in the pictures above
that is what i was trying to explain.

sorry for the confussion


My electrician just built me a box like pictured in this post (thanks for the floor plan). It has a four pin 50 amp plug on the end. It goes into a box with two 50 amp breakers on the front then comes out to a rail of four 20 amp breakers, which are routed to four seperate (dual) 20 amp plugs. Other words I can plug in eight cords and each pair of outlets is capable of 20 amps, however I can not exceed 50 amps on either side of the box or whatever I plug the rig into is rated for. He suggested I keep my audio and other items on seperate rails and that they match within 5-6 amp load if pulling high current for an extended period.

I put the whole rig into a mixer case, that houses everything including 35 ft" of cable (that is as big around as my thumb). The case has the v cut out and I can pull the cable out, then plug in all my cords, close the lid and it locks down all my connections. Should somone find a way to trip over the box, I doubt anything will come unpluged and they are going down and the music will continue.

He wants to make me pig tails for a four pin dryer plug new style and the old style twist lock plug.

My question is can you make an adator for a 220 circuit that only has three pins, like I have my window air in my workshop plugged into, and you see at many schools or large rooms?

Thanks Ray J.
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