2004 AC DJ Expo

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Ryan Burger

Yes in case you haven't heard...

ProDJ.Com was invited back to this years show, thanks to some other exhibitors telling DJ Times all that we can do to help their convention! I will be there, and ProDJ in general will be there in force. Look for more news on this in your email box soon!



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I'll be be down on Tuesday.

Mike and 8tracks , Congrats on winning the passes!!

Oh, and to Leslie........WE ARE!!!!!


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Hey, TM Century will be there this year with a booth in the quiet section. I will be there with Quedon our new guy in the division. Please stop by if you are a current customer or if you are looking to join with us. We enjoy meeting everyone we can. We will have our videos rolling in the booth at all times so check us out.


DJ Intelligence

ProDJ Sponsor
DJ Intelligence will be there with ProDJ.com. Please make plans to attend the ProDJ.com/DJ Intelligence seminar on Tuesday morning. And make sure to stop by the ProDJ.com/DJ Intelligence booth to say hello!
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