10/10 Homecoming

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Arnoldo Offermann

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I LOVE the Coliseum- it's the only venue in St. Pete with a big stage, plenty (I mean PLENTY) of power, and allows haze (lots of it). The super-high stage also means that the lighting we bring in will look even better. In this case, I brought three of my favorite lights: The Dotz Matrix (super wide floods), Inno Spot Pros (crazy good moving head) and the Elation Sniper 2R for a laser simulation effect + super bright beams!

We also debuted the new Warlock effect which gives such awesome coverage out of one light.

However, if you understood none of that, I'll translate: IT LOOKED (and sounded) AWESOME!



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Great job Arnoldo! Loved the song selection and energy you got from the crowd. That is one big a$$ venue! What were you running for sound and how many were in attendance? Your set up looked great BUT I would lose that white skirt for school events. ;)
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