060610 all out wedding reception

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Johnny Dee

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Sunday's wedding reception was awesome. I would estimate at least 300 guests. There were a number of vendors involved...and we all had to work together to make it happen.

Our job was to provide the Stage and Dance Floor lighting only. A different vendor provided the trussing, another sound, another up-lighting, another the video screens, another pipe & drape, and another company for the DJ. We arrived at 8:00am to start our setup. Here's what we provided:
  • 15 - Elation Opti Tri 30 LED Washes
  • 4 - Martin Krypton Moving Heads
  • 2 - Martin Entour Moving Heads
  • 4 - Elation Power Spot Moving Heads
  • 1 - Elation Design Spot Moving Head
  • 2 - Sky Lasers
  • 1 - Followspot
  • 4-Vertical Light towers
  • Martin Light Jockey with Martin Fingers
A lot of pre-programming was involved to produce a one of a kind light show for this client. In addition to a DJ, there was a Keyboard player/singer. During the evening there was 3 acts that performed and they were excellent. (Tina Turner impersonator, Frankie Valli and the 4 seasons impersonator and a Michael Jackson impersonator). The guests loved them.

In addition, there also was a white acrylic dance floor brought in. There was two large video screens (1 on each side of the stage) and 5-50" plasma screens.

After the main reception, it was an open house for all their friends that weren't at the main reception. The B&G brought in a company to provide brick oven pizza and cooked it in portable ovens on site. It was great!

The Groom is a DJ himself and a friend of my Son Matty D. A number of guests were DJ's, Dancers, etc. so it was like being at a DJ convention as we knew all of them...LOL.

Here's a few pix of the setup before any guests arrived:

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Earl From CloudNine

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If the groom was/is a DJ, he must have married into money....LOL No DJ that I know could afford such a set-up.... well, except for you Johnny...

Mark Evans

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Yeah Johnny but were the guest impressed? I mean most probably didn't take notice because they were to busy looking at the cake and chair covers :)

I think it's suuu-weeeeet!

Corey Rock

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I have been gone to long. All I can say is wow, simply beautiful.

Mark, I hear they were eyeing up those veggie platters. lol
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