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    This Monster Album Released 38 Years Ago Today!

    You would have to like Blondie to love the album. IMO some really good tracks but I am not a Blondie fan for the most part. I know several who are.... may get me ROCKIN! Nothin' matters but the weekend from a Tuesday point of view!!
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    Blondie Fans

    Know a guy who looks a lot like the guy on the Rapture video
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    Sub facing the wall???

    The overall output level is roughly -which can be good or bad depending upon the potential for falling hazards-often the best you can hope to achieve is relatively even bass -but that's not always the case- sometimes separated subs can produce better results in odd shaped rooms. LOL, sorry
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    Top 5 Dance floor fillers

    Didn't see these, they work for us after some beer has been drank Grand Funk-Locomotion Meat loaf-Two out of three Joe Walsh- Rocky mountain way
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    DJ AM Found dead in New York

    To many when they reach the top of what they do fall this way....Howard Hughes turned to a lonely recluse but had it all....This list would 100's if we all gave input. AM was a great entertainer......Maybe he had nothing else to prove to himself. Drugs or booze are not the way but it happens...
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    What would you do?

    Don't buy them, used to many years ago till our pool changed numbers and one of our sets hit a few weeks later for several mill..... In Ohio which says the lottery supports schools each student gets a whopping 75 CENTS paid to the schools a year from the lottery!! Tough question for...
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    Looking for a song

    Think it was the detergents that made I'll never eat at home anymore also. Think it was Igor's celler on the flip side....
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    Suggestions for a Pop Up Tent

    Thanks Diana My thoughts from lessons learned
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    Suggestions for a Pop Up Tent

    We use a 10x10 Firstup from wally world. $88 bucks. Had this one for 2 years and NO issues at all! Simple dark blue canopy with tough material. The last one became a kite flying 100 feet into a woods from a micoburst, frame busted REAL bad. We learned to NEVER fasten the top securely...
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    Favorite simply for listening tunes

    Depends on the mood I am in or want to be in. Kris Kristopherson is great sometimes, Papa Roach others LOL Most of the time good ole 80's long haired rock! On an off shore :D
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    Biker bar 1st time

    Got a call last week from the owner of a biker bar. The band they had booked cancelled for Saturday and they were in a pinch. We talked a bit, we were open and agreed on a price with the understanding that we had never been in her place and may not give the patrons what they are used to...
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    Weekend's Random Requests

    Disco Duck..... 1st time we have ever been asked for it and it was in a biker bar! LOL
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    R.i.P. - If I leave here tomorrow...

    Lynyrd Skynyrd has had a bad way to go a couple times.....sad for such a great group. I think listening to a few tunes now will honor the loss. Red white and blue