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    Hey, for those of you who have someone out in the crowd leading dances/games/contests what do you charge for this service. A local pool just called me and wants someone to come with me to get people dancing, run a hula-hoop contest, limbo, start a conga line, etc.
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    Videos at prom - anyone catch grief over content

    It completely depends on where you are. Where I live I have schools specifically asking me to play UNedited versions
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    L.E.D. Fixtures used for uplighting

    I use LED PAR 64s that are made by Venue (Guitar Center's house brand). They are tagged at $199.99 at Guitar Center, but my sales guy there sells them to me for $85 and I can get 15 foot Live Wire brand DMX cables for only $10.
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    Venue Brand LED Par 64?

    The Par 64 was on "The List" at all of the guitar center locations near me. Here is a link to "The List" and here is a link to "The List" at a different location
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    Venue Brand LED Par 64?

    So Guitar Center has a special on the Venue brand LED Par 64 for only $99.99 this weekend only. Does anyone know anything about this fixture... is it worth it?