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    Your best tip for a MBLV virgin

    What is the cost to attend the parties ala carte?
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    Anyone use a Tradeshow display for bridal shows?

    I took the leap and bought a trade show display. I no longer take any gear to a bridal show. Results have been great. -R
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    Getting voicemail as mp3/wav - international

    If you are a vonage user you can purchase a "virtual" number for $5 a month. Set it up, get your voice mails as mp3's then cancel after 1 month. It's a $5 solution. -R
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    Cops shut down the event...

    The guests of the hotel should not have had any groungs to call the police. If the noise was contained to the hotel, no law was broken. If my mother in law was visiting my house and I was playing loud music she could call the cops and the cops would ask me (the property owner) if there was a...
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    Club Promos?

    bump.... any ideas?
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    Can I vent about $$$ and vendor list?

    My comments were in response to you claim that the IRS would investigate a venue staff person who refused to provide an EIN or SS#. The waiter anology is spot on - a waiter would not need to provide you with anything that would obligate him/her to claim your "tip/kickback" on his IRS return...
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    Can I vent about $$$ and vendor list?

    This is not typical in my area, or at least I have not come across it yet, but I have to ask, how is this any different that tipping the waiters at the same venue. Would you also ask them for an EIN or SS#? I'm sure that many receive nightly tips in the $50 - $100 range if the venue has a 4*...
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    I need a reason not to panic

    Was the file on the laptop HD or an external HD? Once the HD is more than 60% or so full it becomes prone to performance related issues. I also have used PCDJ Red VRM for the past 2 years and early on I suffered from the hic-ups as well. The only think I did was upgrade to 2GB of RAM and...
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    Sex offender DJ, What would you do?

    A 2 time convicted child sex offender would most likely be restricted by court order to have contact with children. Under your scenerio, you would be justified to contact your local law enforcement authorities to report what you know. -R
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    Q for DJs with trailers

    I have been using a 5 x 10 trailer for 2 years. This past weekend I used my new Rock and Roller R12 for the first time - what a joy to load the cart and roll it onto the trailer, strap it down, then roll it off at the gig and right into the venue! -R
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    2007 DJ Expo - Who's Attending?

    I'll be attending the DJ Expo for my 2nd year in a row. I am a native South Jersey so this is like going home for me. I have also attended the past 2 MB LV shows and will continue to attend both as they offer excellent resources for a new DJ business. -R
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    A Wedding coordinator calls and complains I charge too much!

    The way she conducted herself asking you these questions is very unprofessional. I would make it clear to her that what you charge is no business of hers. Stand up for yourself. -R
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    Who Hoo! Second L1 System!

    Congrats to all who have invested in the BOSE L1 system. I made the purchase of 2 L1 double base systems last summer and I have never thought twice about the investment. -R