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    Norton Anti-Virus - No More

    Vipre from Sunbelt Software. Awesome protection without weighing down your pc. Dave ps. They just ran a "site license" special where I could protect every computer and laptop in my house (site) for $29.95 for a year.
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    Event planning software

    DJ Event Planner is what I'm using now, and I believe I will be for the future. Check it out. Rock solid and easy to use. Dave
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    Pricing Thread #236 Raise your rates or your making excuses.

    It's really not a difficult process: Start your business Learn as much as possible Refine your skill set Test a new level of cost with a trial client Learn from that meeting Practice what you preach Back up your cost with a commensurate performance Don't remain static in talent or...
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    Jamstar Lighting

    Jimmie, you stole my thunder! Just kidding. I did get a refund check after about a month of constantly asking, prodding, pleading and at least some threatening. I would advise you, if you still have and outstanding invoice, to call them and continue to call them and ask for a resolution...
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    Jamstar Lighting

    Howdy, I may have some news for you all shortly. I believe Friday may be the day. Thank you, Dave
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    Jamstar Lighting

    Update... I'm getting information from people who are not DJ's but have visited this forum who also have purchased lights.... I'm owed quite a bit of money on this and I don't expect I'll ever see it. Too many delays, too many excuses. I was supposed to have my money two weeks ago. I was...
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    Jamstar Lighting

    Howdy, Thanks for the PM's. Please keep them coming. I'll try to recap what I've found out in the very near future. Dave
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    Jamstar Lighting

    Hey all, If you've placed an order with this company and that order remains unfilled, would you please PM me with the date you ordered, etc. I'm trying to find out how many orders are outstanding. Peace. Dave Winsor
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    JamStar won't process refund for shipment never received.

    Jimmie, Same boat as you. Have an extra oar? Dave
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    Gear trouble

    Howdy, Unplug the power supply from your laptop. Did that stop it?
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    DJIS: Closing the Deal * Are you hard or soft sell?

    Does this have ANYTHING to do with it? Full time vs. part time approach? Not trying to ignite a brawl here, but when your life depends on getting the cash, do you approach it differently. I'm not full time, but I still don't want them to walk away after I've just given them my all...
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    JamStar Elite, ready to throw in the tow...

    Sowndman, When did you order? Dave
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    Howdy, 2 & 4 1 @ 2 may be purchased soon. Dave
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    Why I get disgusted sometimes!

    Edumacate them Howdy, The $250 price is artificially low, it's not even a starting point for this discussion. You have to let them know. I can't stand when someone tries to frame a a discussion like that. Not the same ballpark. I had a couple inquire about my services, I quoted them...
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    Reframe the arguement

    Howdy, When someone asks for a quote from you for a wedding, and then they get back to you with the news that someone is offering to do the job for $250 or less, don't argue that point. You can't beat the price, but you can beat the hell out of the service difference you will provide...