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    Is DJ Cesar Sayoc a member here?

    isnt the second photo with Arnldo, John young?
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    Semi Formals

    I do formals and semi-formals for college events. Its basically like all other dances but everyone is more dressed up and we provide a larger sound and light show....
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    Iphone App?

    Does the iphone app for mobile beat still work? I could not get it to login....
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    Should I Make A App

    The only DJs I see with APPS are EDM DJs who have a radio show and they broadcast direct to the app and have info about where they perform, podcasts, photos etc... a normal DJ company? I dont know if anyone would download...
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    Does anyone on here us WeddingWire to advertise? Do you see a good response and ROI? I was contacted the other day by a salesman from WW and he is offering me WeddingWire/EventWire and all the other sites they partner with for $90 a month. Before I jump in to the year commitment, I want to make...
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    VDJ Playlist issue

    I use virtual folders all the time.. I put all the requests in there before the event and I also throw other requests in there (when I dont put it at the bottom)
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    "My budget is only $200.00"

    I get a few calls like this every year.. I got one a few weeks ago.. it was for a Wedding that was 1.5 hours away. They called looking for a DJ. when I told them my price after we discussed what they were looking for, they told me that I was too high as they already had a price of $300 and...
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    Active Speakers and A Crossover

    I use a Drive Rack PA.. the output of my mixer goes into it.. I have it set for my TOPS and SUB. Then cables go from the DRPA to the tops and another cable from the mono low end output of the DRPA to the SUB. I also have other things set on the DRPA ..... works great
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    I Need a Streaming Audio Service

    Im looking for a stream server that can do either audio only streams or AUDIO/VIDEO streaming but also takes care of the licenses needed to broadcast music. and one that does cost an arm and a leg. Any ideas?
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    Java versus Mozilla versus Google - Why Am I In The Middle?

    I am an IT person by day.. I manage an entire school district of laptops, desktops and servers. We will use and need JAVA. a lot of sites wouldnt work without it. We do have KASEYA and KASPERYKY for our network trouble-shooting and AV. I also use KASPERSKY on my windows machine at home...
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    blame it on the boogie

    I think there are a couple of different routines. We do one ourselves.. take a look at and see if that is the one you are looking for. Just watch my video to get the idea...
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    Virtual DJ vs. Serato Scratch

    If all I was doing was Clubs I would use SERATO.. but because I do more then that, I use VDJ.. one of the best things is the right side play list where I can set a list up for cocktails or dinner, and let it FADE (NOT MIX) between songs. I use this all the time so I can go talk to other...
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    When do you get paid?

    as I mentioned I get 50% at agreement signing and balance due 10 days before. My Business account at my bank allows checks to clear in about a day or two. so, if there were an issue, I would know right away.... so far I have never had a bounced check. I also have a returned check policy in my...
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    Cheapo mixer with a split cue

    I dont use SPLIT CUE.. I just listen to the the song playing from the speakers (or monitor if I am too far away) and the next song in the headphones. I just have one earcup on. Thats the way I learned back in the old club days...
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    Karaoke using HDMI?

    the problem with VDJ for karaoke is that it doent have any type of rotation program. I think there was a plugin but I never used it. we are using I dont do a lot of karaoke... I do use VDJ as my main system when I only need to play a few karaoke songs at a gig...