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    The evolution of the wedding dance playlist

    Great article Robert and thanks for shedding some light on the private event music trends. I also find myself playing more current hits and a lot less "oldies" unless I'm in a throwback set. As a DJ, you have to be able to read your crowd and know when it's the right time to slip in some of...
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    Which Photobooth

    Atlanta Photo Booth I also have a photo booth from Steve Lynch and decided to put my extra touch to it by surrounding it with pipe and drape enclosure and throwing down a red carpet with rope and stanchions. It definitely gives it an elegant appeal and that has been very popular with brides...
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    LED digital dance floor

    Does anyone know of a vendor that sells LED Digital dance floors here in the USA? I see that the majority of vendors are Chinese companies. With that in mind, who would you recommend as a reputable Chinese manufacturer?
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    Show Us Your setup ......

    compact VDJ setup We were recently hired to provided entertainment services for the Austin Wedding Day Style's 2014 magazine launch party at the Austin Country Club.
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    Show Us Your setup ......

    VDJ setup with dual projectors Here's my setup for this past weekend's quinceanera celebration:
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    Pioneer DDJ-SX and Odyssey Case Review

    I recently purchased the Pioneer DDJ-SX, along with the Odyssey flight case, and love both pieces of equipment. I completely agree with play_that_funky_music's review of the flight case as the controller remains tightly secured when you velcro the pieces of custom foam underneath the glide rack...
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    X-Laser Mobile Beat RGB MK5

    I recently purchased the X-Laser Mobile Beat RGB MK5 from Ben Stowe at and couldn't be happier with this awesome animation laser!! I also purchased the Pangolin Laser Control Software & Interface, which I HIGHLY recommend, along with the ILDA cable and online Variance...
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    Gaffers tape

    I recommend using 3" gaffers tape.
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    Music Pools

    Although there are some good pointers in that article, I feel some of those tips are outdated. While passing out cds may still be somewhat effective, it's really as dated as reading the newspaper or having a home phone. If you're looking to put yourself out there to potential clients, one of the...
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    Is Video the saving grace for DJ's?

    I can't say there's much value in music video mixing for private events in my area. That being said, I have found a way to incorporate music video mixing into my "multimedia services" package and have found the clientele that appreciates the plasma video screens. Instead of trying to up sell...
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    Music Pools

    Until I see a formal charge brought against 8thwonderpromos/videotoolz, I'm going to assume they're a legal source of downloads so we don't really need to get into all that controversy unless you have a legit resource that you can point me to. As for comparing the music pools, I don't see a...
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    Music Pools

    I have been a member of 8thwonderpromos (now known as for over a year now and have been very please with the product they offer. Their prices are way more than reasonable and the quality of songs and videos are top notch. The fact that I only pay one LOW monthly rate and...
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    Looks like 8thwonderpromos, now known as, is finally up and running (at least in beta mode). I began using the new website yesterday and was able to use the downloader to download multiple songs. For some reason, the downloader wasn't working for videos but I'm good for...
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    Spanish music "All-Time" Hit list

    Happy New Year to all my colleagues and industry professionals! I hope everyone had a successful year in 2012 and has bigger and better things in store for 2013. I'm glad I was able to provide a bit of knowledge in this thread and after going through my music folders and reorganizing my lists...
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    Bags for Flat Par Pro Up Lights

    I own (24) Blizzard Lighting Puck Q12A's and I use the Stanley 37 in. Mobile Job Box to store 12 uplights in each box. It comes with a tote tray which you can store all your power cables and dmx cables. The box is heavy duty, has wheels & everything fits perfectly...