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    Silver Color Uplighting

    Hey There, It's been awhile since I've been around these parts! I have an uplighting question. I have a client for this coming weekend who has requested silver for her uplighting color. I use Chauvet EZPar 64's that are RGBA. I have tinkered with the settings and can't really come up with...
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    Weddings - They are a-changing

    Lots of great info here. I too have to use a cheat sheet from time to time. I just keep a Word doc up on my laptop for "inspiration". Like someone else mentioned, my CD crate used to be my inspiration. Here's a great set I've been playing for the past 6 months that hasn't failed yet...
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    TBT ~ is a throwback ever new for you?

    Wow, I thought I knew all the major EWF songs (I probably have about 30 of them) but have honestly never heard this. Another great jam by them. Thanks for sharing! Yes, there's nothing like seeing a great horn section live. I've seen EWF once and it was incredible. I also saw Bruce...
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    Throwback Thursday "The Jacksons"

    Great jam right there.
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    Whats the nicest easiest way to blow off a potential customer?

    "After some careful reconsideration, I do not believe I am the right DJ for you and do not believe that I can bring your wedding vision to a reality. I still hope for your wedding to be a success so here are some other reputable DJs in the area that you should contact. I encourage you to...
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    Speaking of Social Media :-)

    I haven't seen a real benefit from it, but like many have already mentioned, most of my business comes from referrals so it's not a huge necessity for us. I think we might have had 3 brides hire us from our FB page. I update our page maybe once or twice a week.
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    your favorite "MCGyverisms"

    Back when I used speaker stands I would sometimes forget the pins. I've used various bolts as substitutes. One time I did a wedding for a guy who had just got home from Iraq. He was in his Class A uniform. It was Memorial Day weekend and I had a few small American flag in my car (I do flag...
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    No-Show Client

    I ended up keeping it short..."We are no longer available for your wedding. Here are a few other DJs you might want to contact" and then gave her a list. I like what you said there Bill. That's about how I felt. Oh well, another day in the biz.
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    No-Show Client

    Thanks fellas.
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    Employee Pay

    I pay my photo booth attendant $100 per event, plus extra for longer events and travel. I had an office assistant for a couple years and paid them $9.00/hour. I've paid buddies to help with tear downs when need be (which isn't that much). I've paid $40-$60 but it really depended on what...
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    No-Show Client

    Here's an interesting situation. Back in August, I had a prospect contact me about her May 2014 wedding. We sent a few e-mails back and forth and then she disappeared. No big deal. A month later, she contacted me again and told me she had changed her date to April 2014. Again, we sent a few...
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    New Vehicle Time - Need Some Ideas

    Thanks so much for all the recommendations everybody. As always, I appreciate your advice. Looks like I have some more research to do!
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    Hiring or partnering up with another DJ? perplexed..

    I own a 4-system multi-op. The extra money is great but the headaches are aplenty as well. I've brought experienced DJs on board and also trained people from scratch. It's easier and a smoother road to train from scratch because your chances are much higher of the new DJ doing it "your way"...
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    New Vehicle Time - Need Some Ideas

    Well, my old Windstar is on its last legs. I have some money put away to buy a much nicer and newer vehicle so the time has come. Since I haven't bought a vehicle in almost a decade and am pretty unfamiliar with all the new ones out there (crossovers and such), I figured I could ask my DJ...
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    Sometimes, cheese is good.

    Great posts here. Ice Ice Baby always works for me (even though I'm super duper tired of hearing it :p). From there I go into Jump On It, Funky Cold Medina, Bust A Move, or sometimes Billie Jean. Lots of options to play before or after it. What I define as "cheese" would be Macarena, Hokey...