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    Top 25 songs for opening lyrics

    How about "Jerimiah was a bullfrog"
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    Help! - Identify the lights?

    JOE Those large shuttered lights look just like the ones I seen this weekend at KANSAS CITY at the SPRINT CENTER at the GARTH BROOKS CONCERT. We were 12 rows back on the floor. AWESOME CONCERT! AWESOME LIGHTING! Security wouldn't let me close to see anything :cry:
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    ADJ RGB LED Bulbs w/Wireless remote

    Boy! That's not very bright is it :oops: I would have thought an American DJ LED Bulb with a MSRP of $79.95 would have been brighter than that! I'll go with your suggestions NickyB.
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    ADJ RGB LED Bulbs w/Wireless remote

    Does anyone have or tried these? How bright are they? How much range does the wireless remote have? I thought about using these for up-lighting & thought it would be neat to be able to control these by the wireless remote. Venders or test people....any opinions?
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    System and generator question

    U-ninterupted P-ower S-upply (battery back-up)...mainly used with computer systems. It takes care of power spikes and/or losses without shutting down your computer.
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    Mic technique for wedding ceremonies!

    It would sure be neat to find out if a place like Cabbellas or Bass Pro would carry them so a person could play with it before you spent $430.00. Looks like it ought to work though....just curious to see how "TOO SENSATIVE" it might be!!!
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    School dances...

    Here in a little town of Tipton, Missouri, population 3200, they charge $3.00 middle & $4.00 high school. Average attendance is 250-300 kids. Average time is usually 2 1/2 hours (9:30-12:00) after ball games.
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    Press release in our local paper.

    HEY BILL!...How bout some pics after next weeks show? Would love to see a BIG "OLD MANS" SETUP :lol:
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    Uplighting... more profit for the Mobile DJ

    Bill at ESC What is your price on the following Colormaker items... DL-50 HTL-75 CM-T8
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    Wireless extension cord

    It's a hell of an idea if it works....never knew this was possible. :lol: I wonder what kind of amp load they can handle...didn't see any specs.
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    Where In The World Are You? Non Posters and Lurkers Included

    Tipton, Missouri-Half way between Kansas City & St. Louis on Hwy 50
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    Jeff, Jimmy & Jr....The Dream Team??

    I myself have always been a Earnhardt fan (SR & JR) What I would like to see is RCR get JR & put him the Black #3. But, If it happens...Jeff, Jimmy & Jr...WHAT A TRIO TO DRAW TO :lol:
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    Most of the time it's 7 to 8 hours total Reception-1 to 2 hours Dinner-1 to 1 1/2 hours(including toasts to B&G) Dance-4 hours. A lot of Catholic weddings here, start earlier & last longer!
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    Re-painting speaker grills?

    I guess I got lucky. When I had mine redone, a buddy of mine did powdercoating & only charged me 10.00 a piece. They are now BULLETPROOF :lol: & LOOK BEAUTIFUL!
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    DJIS: What brand of speakers are you using? and Why?

    Peavey speakers & amps. Rock solid & "HEAVY" but reliable, at least they have been for me. 2-118 subs 2-SP1G 2-SP3G amps CS1000 CX1500 CS800