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    Wireless System For Dvd Player To Mixer

    That way works too, Nicky. I guess you have to decide which cable you're going to run, audio, or video? I already had the Matchbox and XLR cables. Another thing to think about is that VGA can be converted to Cat5 for long cable runs.
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    Wireless System For Dvd Player To Mixer

    I use a Rolls Matchbox db25b. I connect RCA from the DVD player to the 1/4 ins on the Matchbox, then the matchbox puts out a mono signal to a male XLR jack on the other side. Then I use as much XLR cable as I need to get the signal back to the mixer. I plug it right into an extra mic input on my...
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    Song Keys

    What version of VDJ are you using? Just for fun, and on a sort of related note, I showed this video from musician/composer Tim Minchin to my daughter the other day when she was asking about musical keys
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    Ceremony Mics

    I would not go this route. I can't tell you how many times they ended up standing some place they were not supposed to. I've even had a minister request a mic on a stand which worked perfectly during the sound check, then he stood in FRONT of the mic stand during the ceremony. I had to grab the...
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    android - apple question

    VDJ is just being lazy. Their iOS app doesn't even play music or need multi media capability. It's just a button extender. Just buy a foam finger so you can stand further away from the computer lol. The DJ options are better on iOS. I use iPads for work. For home and media consumption, I...
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    Mobile Beat Show

    I bought my tickets to the Mobile Beat show in February. It looks like they're really stepping it up this time around. I really get the sense it's going to be different. Plus, I'm a huge Penn fan. I'm bringing friends again and we're looking forward to it. I had a problem with purchasing...
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    Fcc Ruling On 2 Tier Internet?

    The only problem is that they really don't have to spend a ton of money on infrastructure. It's not like they have a lot of competition. Have you ever used the Internet in different countries? In Sweden , you can download a movie file in a few seconds. Our infrastructure sucks because the...
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    Fcc Ruling On 2 Tier Internet?

    That's not exactly true. The problem is that a handful of companies are dominating Internet traffic and not paying for infrastructure. If ISPs had not been stepping up their infrastructure at their own cost, Netflix would have literally broken the Internet by now. I think eventually we'll all...
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    Let's Talk New Music.

    I rarely care about my personal preference of music at a gig. I'll even play dubstep if they want it. But damn I can't stand Anaconda. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me. Some of the other stuff is good though. It's nice to see a little break from 125 BPM (boots and pants and boots and...
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    Vote For Me...

    Done! Good luck.
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    My podcast playlist: Stuff You Should Know Stuff You Missed in History Class This Week in Tech (TWiT) This Week in Google (TWiG) The Atheist Experience No Agenda Mac Break Weekly This American Life (NPR Network)
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    Which Photobooth

    The Atlanta booths looked great at the Mobile Beat show. He has a few designs depending on your needs. You should see what your competition is doing (open style, booth style, standing or seated etc) and pick a booth that is as unique as possible for your area. I have Open Air Booths and...
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    Which Photo Booth?

    Part 2 If you're planning on taking the booth apart to transport, there is no way to safely move the booth with one person. Even when fully broken down, there is a 6' tall piece that weighs at least 100 lbs. I was lifting that piece into my SUV one day, and suddenly it felt like someone hit...
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    Which Photo Booth?

    I don't mind posting publicly since I'm just stating facts, and other people might be interested. Even though I paid full price for the Kingdom booth, and I didn't sign any sort of agreement when I bought the thing, I needed to continually buy license codes from Kingdom and enter them into...
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    Which Photo Booth?

    Just avoid Kingdom.