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    Detroit And Michigan Dj's

    The city of Detroit ITSELF is abysmal. The surrounding metro area is and will always be thriving. There are plenty of video explanations that do justice to explaining why 60 years ago Detroit was the finest example of a metropolitan success story, and today is the epitome of failure and...
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    Just wondering if anyone listens to or authors podcasts. Industry related or not, I am always interested in listening to new content. I, for example, am a history buff and LOVE Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast...Any suggestions?
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    I need a database program!

    I need database software to input client info that is date searchable. What does everyone use?
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    Dinner/Cocktail music ideas

    Get Down On It by Wayman Tisdale is the song around which I 'build' most cocktail hours...with the way MY wind works, it sends me off in a new direction every week. Again, I am an odd duck, but I determined several years ago that THAT particular song was the quintessential cocktail hour track...
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    New karaoke player?

    If memory serves me right, one of the older Cavs PC based programs will run the MCG files from your Super a search for "PlayCDG SP," but there is virtually NO WAY to convert a MCG file (the format of the karaoke files on your Cavs disc) to a regular CDG format.
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    Songs to start runners at a race?

    THAT, Brian Price, is EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXACTLY the stuff I am looking for. You have earned poster of the year status in my book. Freaking PERFECT!!!!!!!
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    Songs to start runners at a race?

    The song 'The Race" by Yello is PERFECT to start runners off at an event that I do....the problem is, we have staggered starts for the runners and I am looking for 5 or 6 other high energy boosters that are, perhaps, a little off the beaten path. Any other suggestions?
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    I need 3 Taxi hats

    Thanks Brandi...that'll work nicely!
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    I need 3 Taxi hats

    Thanks Jodi, but I'm more interested in purchasing the real deal....they're out there, somewhere....
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    I need 3 Taxi hats

    I'm looking for taxi cabbie hats.....I've found some but they want a TON for shipping...I just need 3 of them for a charity (MDA camp) event. Does anyone know where I can get them cheaply...
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    Odyssey parts help?

    So I am hoping to update some of the hardware on an Odyssey case I own. The sales department at Odyssey pointed me to their parts section: If you order a $2.00 1.5" by 1.5" by 1.5" steel corner, JUST ONE, they charge you $13.00 in shipping. For my small order of...
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    Chinese music recommendations?

    1.5 billion people in China and you are supposed to guess what one of them wants to hear? My guess would be that you would have a similar challenge if you were from China trying to pick a couple songs for AN American in the group. Do you know what region this person is from? That makes a HUGE...
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    What happened to Audiolines?

    Anyone know why their website is gone?
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    Clean "Some Nights" and "It Girl"

    I think all DJs should never sit down, should be skinny and have all of their hair, should always be dressed in a tuxedo and should have college degrees and should ONLY vote Republican. Since we're deciding what choices DJs should make for themselves, let's open this thread up a little bit more...