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    Trends Observed at the A.C. DJ Expo

    Noticed more ipad-related stuff this year, including a powered speaker with an ipad attached to the back of it. Can't really see this for D.J.'ing, but it could make a good stationary system (like at a wedding ceremony).
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    When They Ask For 80's - you play...

    I got into the D.J. business in 1983-1984. One of the reasons was because I loved the music so much that was being released at the time. Let's see: Madonna's first album (Holiday, Borderline, Lucky Star, etc.) Michael Jackson's THRILLER Prince's PURPLE RAIN Bruce Springsteen's BORN...
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    Awesome new iPad app

    I've been using the Algoriddim Djay app for about three months now. Works great! I like that it's all touch-screen (versus using a mouse on a notebook computer). Some things I like: 1) You can "scratch" the turntables with your fingers. 2) You can cue the next song by using the...
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    Do you use an iPad?

    I just bought a refurbished Ipad (original version) on Apple's web site for $349. It looks brand new! I installed the "Deejay" app, and am having a ball! :) I'm tempted to try it out at a gig this weekend.
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    Anyone know good record pools?

    I've been checking them out too.
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    Electric Slide songs

    Actually, the "Super Electric" version sounds like the one on the "Carousel" album. I remember the first version below came out as a 12" single, and I was playing it before the second version came out...
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    Electric Slide songs

    There's the original version (from her "Carousel" album), and a later "Super Electric" version that was released as a 12" and CD single. I've used both myself. The Super Electric version is more upbeat, and is the one I usually see DJ's in my area use.
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    Electric Slide songs

    I like to use "Bus Stop/Electric Slide (Radio Edit)" by Mr. C The Slide Man. I've also seen it done to a song off the FAME soundtrack called "Red Light" by Linda Clifford.
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    Mackie's SRM450v2 or QSC K12 your opinion.

    I'm still using original RCF ART300As that I bought 12 years ago.
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    The iPad

    Also- before you buy an Ipad:
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    The iPad

    How about these?
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    Peavey IPR Series amps 7lbs.

    Looks like Peavey has a new Impulse powered speaker based on the IPR amp technology. Priced pretty reasonable too, and only 39 lbs. Has anyone tried it yet?
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    Forget the ipod... it's the iPAD dj now

    Here's the one I'm waiting for:
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    The iPad
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    The iPad

    I'm still using CDs, but the iPad might convince me to make the plunge to going computerized. As a D.J., the touch screen looks more interactive and appealing to me than using a keyboard and mouse. And it looks like there will be no shortage of D.J. apps to try out...