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  • need help with the photobooth, i'm trying to do images for proms and i have the front image the way i want it, however, i cant get the picture to align correctly inside the image, any suggestions? it keeps stretching the final picture. i'm using a PNG file thats 1200x1800.
    Hello Steve,

    I was wondering if you can help a fellow DJ out. I read a lot of info about buying the leds directly from China, and I wanted to know what sources if any you can share so I can go through the same manufacture as you did. How is the quality of the lights and what kinds did you buy. I am interested in the 1 watt and 3 watt leds. I am also looking into wireless DMX and Battery powered.

    Thanks for your time and willingness to help out.
    Hi Steve, I sent you an email through extremeeventdesign but haven't hear back. looking to get prices to purchase a photbooth. Message me back or shoot me an email to


    hey man! Sorry, I didn't see the message you left me.. Because of how bad the site has been since the update, I'm really not visiting it much anymore. Too frustrating.

    Give me a call, and I'll run you through everything.

    Things evolve so quickly, there's waaay too many new features and designs for me to keep up with. I don't spend a million dollars or hours on marketing, I spend the time actually supporting my customers, and working on new stuff.

    I guess that's one of the biggest differences.. lol

    Holler any time.


    Is there a website for your photo booths? I'd like to look at them. Also, how is your program different than Nick's?


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