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    Some DJ's just don't have integrity ....

    Give them a call be as nice as possible "Hey I think you guys forgot to return my cable, probably just got thrown in with your stuff on accident, think I could get it back? Thanks" That usually works but if they are *******s about it, well then, you know...the gas thing...haha
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    A mobile DJ's job is NOT to break new music.. :-(

    I agree 100% on all of those aspects, yes, I know the new music, and it's good but that doesn't mean I play it, I have all the stuff they don't know about yet but I am not going to play it because they don't know it. If you have a guest that says "I really like that Justin Timberlake song Suit...
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    A mobile DJ's job is NOT to break new music.. :-(

    You're right but I would play either these of at a wedding for younger bride and groom probably not the Biebs just because haha
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    A mobile DJ's job is NOT to break new music.. :-(

    I'm going to disagree with the OP on this one. I say that it's NOT my job. But I also disagree with the "play songs that people will recognize". You play songs they love or want to hear. I never play the newsest stuff that's been played on the radio just that week and no one has really heard of...
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    School dance setup last night

    Solid set up buy let's get you some global truss or a Dura Truss system!
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    I absolutely Hate scrims and speaker stand covers!

    I don't mind table scrims, I have one myself but it is black, but I agree on the speaker scrims.
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    led blacklight (adj eco uv etc)

    Just got 8 Fab 5's delivered...full review to come very soon. The ECO UV's are a great light very bright but A LOT of visible light, not that clients are going to say anything. Chauvet just debuted some UV flood at Namm but my personal favorite, if you have the money, is the ADJ UV16's...
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    Superbowl Blackout

    What do you mean at least?! I'm pretty sure half the males watching were praying for one! Haha Also, I gotta disagree on the worst one in a while because Black Eyed Peas were TERRIBLE when they did it. I am still waiting for Billy Joel to get the call.
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    Z's Review of the BOSE B2s

    Uh oh....must. buy. bose. must. resist. spending. money.
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    Uplight purchase new fresh start ...what's the best

    Any Blizzard light is what I recommend or the ADJ Mega Tri Par it's an amazing light for the price.
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    zxa1, Yamaha DXR10, qsc k8, qsc k10 ???

    DJTunes check out my review of the DXR10's you can just search DXR10 on the forum and it will pop up. If you can't find it I can PM it to you I have it saved on my computer. The short of it is they are an excellent versatile speaker great for small to medium receptions (250 people max with the...
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    Powered Speaker Comparisons. Help!

    Not sure your question but Yamaha released a new series the Yamaha DXR and DXS R's being tops and S being subs
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    Powered Speaker Comparisons. Help!

    RCF's are awesome, DSR's are awesome, DXR's are amazing. Check 'em out. Can't beat them.
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    Where can I find these ?

    Colorado Sound N Light.
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    Sennheiser XSW new wireless system

    The 35. Never had an issue with speaking singing or anything.