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    Does Billboard have a music subscrtiption service?

    Check out PrimeCuts Monthly from Jones TM,
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    Music Subscription Services?

    There is a PrimeCuts rep. in Canada now
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    Content of music videos

    Check out the Hits DVD service from JonesTM, it's edited for content very carefully.
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    For All You Craps Lovers (Vegas Related)

    Jake/Joe, Jim and I from TM are up for some craps anytime. We can touch base late Monday or Tuesday in Vegas about hitting the tables, can't wait.
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    Get Buck In Here by DJ Felli Fel

    All music services are different, for PrimeCuts we program songs that will chart Top 30 on the radio. Let me know if you change your mind. Later,
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    Get Buck In Here by DJ Felli Fel

    Ludacris JonesTM had that song, "Get Buck in Here" on our weekly PrimeCuts service 2 weeks ago. Check out this link for more info. and let me know if you would like a free cd to try out.
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    Question about Prime Cuts..

    Disc 16 is going out today, you should have 15 already.
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    Question about Prime Cuts..

    Tim, You should have HP200715 already, we shipped it on the 12th. Email me if you get 16 before this one. Feel free to email me at any time about any issue you may have. Later, Rob Drachler
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    Coming to Atlanta next week? Here's a short tutorial...

    There are a few of us looking to play golf on Sunday at 1:30 if anyone wants in. Rob Drachler JonesTM
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    AC Poker time again....who's interested?

    I'm in, ready to go head's up with Foley again. I get into the Sheraton on Sunday. Later, Rob Drachler
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    VidDisc Retro January 2006

    Toad, Bring a demo. to Vegas and drop it by the TM booth and we will get it to Doug for you. Later,
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    Vegas hotel rooms

    The new Hooters hotel is open where the San Remo was by the Trop. Click on this link for cheap rooms if you need one still. Visit us at See you in Vegas,
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    Live from Wild Bills tongiht

    Where are the great pictures you usually post? I didn't get to hear you in time.
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    Golf In Vegas @Mobile Beat

    I'm game, I get in early because my Dad lives in Vegas and I play golf with him. Some cources are about 50.00 or so plus club rental. It's worth it to rent clubs if you are just playing once.
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    Hello from N I A G A R A

    Hey John, how many people are there do you think? Have a great time, wish I could have made it. Later, Rob D.