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    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For Dec 2014

    ISO Pioneer CDJ 900 (non nexus) let me know if anyone has a set to sell
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    Iphone App?

    my android app isn't working either
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    Unit For Ceremony All the inputs you need and battery powered. I have the model with built in wireless mic. not the best mic but it worked enough for a beach wedding and one in the park with no power. Mainly this is my cocktail hour speaker...
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    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For October 2014

    Looking for a set of Pioneer CDJ900 (original non nexus).
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    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For August 2014

    numark mixtrack edge. Used once! All original packaging $100 PM or email
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    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For August 2014

    serato SL1. in box with vinyls and unopened control cds, all wires etc. $200 PM or email
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    Beta Testers Wanted

    Hey Everyone, I have been involved with a new custom software system that we built to run our company about 8 years ago. Its been ever evolving and we decided that what we had was really awesome ant to release it to the public. Its a cross between constant contact, DJ intelligence and DJ...
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    Happy Birthday to Bill from ESC!

    Happy Birthday Bill!
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    Trade Show Listings

    This question geared more to the vendors on here. I'm looking for a list of trade shows that one would buy in as a vendor for our industry. DJ, Photography, hotel /bar management I know of the big ones: Mobile Beat LV DJ Times AC LV Dj show I could Google whats out there, but i know...
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    POLL: What tools do you use to run your business

    Im doing some market research and im looking to find out, of those who use some sort of tool to run their business, what are you using. DJ Inelligence DJEventplanner Ewebmin Combination of above Custom database/proprietary software Other
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    Robot DJ's

    i for one welcome our DJ Robot overlords
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    I need a database program!

    do any of the current programs have an app that allows me to sign up brides at a bridal show and import them into my database?
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    denon 6000

    The MC6000 MK2 just came out you may want to check that out
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    Which Photobooth

    +1 for Steve at Atlanta Photbooths. I own 2 of them!
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for February 2014

    i have a Numark D2 Director: $150 and a Denon HC 4500 CD player $200 will ship from NJ at buyers cost