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    Denon - DISAPPOINTING for sure!

    I had a button on my right side of MC-6000 and instead of sticking it would just not work: So I called up Denon they said to mail it back in and they would replace the board- They had it for 1 week- then it was back in my hands. It was under warranty at the time and now is not!! I have not...
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    Peter Merry Seminar

    I just want to let you know- Who is following this Thread- I pulled the Trigger- I will be attending the "Make it Grand" Work Shop I am super nervous about someone video taping and telling me how that might not be the best way to approach something- But I have a open mind and will see what...
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    Peter Merry Seminar

    WOW! fantastic Review by Ron- It looks like it gets down and dirty, that may be what I need- Yes, I feel Nervous that they will be watching me and fearful of my writing abilities. Interesting! for sure
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    Peter Merry Seminar

    Yes, to mention- I too own his videos and book that he has published- I'm just nervous to drop $ on something I might not receive what might be worth it. if that makes any sense.
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    Peter Merry Seminar

    Would like some other peoples thoughts on his seminar "Make it Grand Workshop" I am thinking about signing up for the 2 day class- just before Mobile Beat 2014. I have not attended any mark ferrel classes, so I was wondering what your thoughts were- or save the cash for something else. I do...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for October 2013

    What kind of Speaker stands do you have?
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    Line 6 wireless speaker set up?

    OK- I am wondering how to pull this off- I know I need a Transmitter and a Receiver. So would I use the line 6 vd-30 receiver on the speaker itself? and use the body pack at the DJ station that hooks into the mixer? And is there a way to get the body packs to run off of electric supply...
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    Wireless mic upgrade

    I have the same mic issues. and same receivers.. the line v70 the other night I was only 15 feet away and was cutting out, and the antennas were visible- I blamed it as a guest with a cell phone!! So yes, I am on the same hunt- would like to have 2 receivers that I can use a hand held in...
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    Wedding games other than shoe game?

    Kissing Game: have them give you a list of couples in attendance, then everytime the clink on the china you call the name out and the B & G have to mimick that kiss. Seems to be a fun activity for me
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    New Issue with my NEW Denon mc6000

    same thing happened to me- check the config in the menu on the computer- that should fix the issue. or call me
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    Should I take another crack at a wedding expo

    I would say go for top placement in google: by the wa- do you know anybody resonable that could help me do that ?
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    Your take home ?

    I make 4k-9k like you do as well. but my monthly bills take alot of of me.. so far as savings go (thats what i call the extra) it's more like 500-1000 a month. i wish I could make more than 100k a year.
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    Is This Smart, Or Stupid?

    LOOSE IT- I like Roberts idea better
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    DJ Cruise???

    Yes! I would like to know as well-
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    Folk/ Indie Music

    Well I took everyones suggestion prepared an awesome Cocktail hour list and Dinner music. But when it came to dancing, the Folk and Indie music was not cutting it. Sure enough as soon as I started to play the hits and traditional favorites- the Dance floor lit up- I Even got a 100 tip...