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    Throwback Thursday "The Jacksons"

    ...and to my sister Latoya, I leave my most precious nose.
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    G a m e C h a n g e r

    Hmm. So they're going to take crappy over compressed mastering, intended for earbuds, and give it the warmth and depth of vinyl? This, I gotta hear!
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    Meh. I got two of those in my mobile rig. Passe.
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    Who remembers? Throwback Thursday

    That dance routine they do on Baila Bolero looks like something my 10 year old daughter and her friends would make up at recess. Sorry, but sometimes the 80s are best forgotten. I did like Q-Feel though. Used to play that a lot on college radio.
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    OT: How to

    Not much to say...the pictures say it all.
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    Seniors rocked the Grammy Awards

    I LOVED the Country Ol'-timers! The only reason it was weird, is because it is impossible to harmonize with Willie! It's become an inside joke over the years where Willie does it on purpose to mess with the others! None of them were ever all that great as singers...but as songwriters they...
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    The Return of the Spin & Pukes...Yea!

    Looks to me like you're going to need at least two to create any wow factor.
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    DJ Patter

    I'm with ya! A great thread! By the same token...let's never underestimate our own creativity. I firmly believe that each of us has far more beneath, than has yet to surface. We've seen many great suggestions along this thread. The challenge is to pick out a few and make them your own...
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    DJ Patter

    Just an honest observation: 99% of TV Sitcoms use canned laughter because the canned jokes cannot stand on their own. I don't have any criticism of the intent of this thread - I call it "Prepared Spontaneity". Personally, I keep a few prepared lines in my back pocket and try real hard to never...
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    Who else was left out of the R&R H.O.F.?

    Jethro Tull is another.
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    Who else was left out of the R&R H.O.F.?

    Dove-tailing off the KISS tread... Everybody knows that the R&R HOF is a bit of a joke...both, because of those who are in and because of those who were left out. Partly based on the standards already demonstrated by the HOF, here are just a few notables (and this just scratches the surface)...
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    Kiss Fans - RNR hOF at last

    As an outsider looking in (not a KISS fan), I would question the judgement of inducting anything but the original four. The others certainly should be acknowledged for their contributions, but it was the original four who established the KISS brand. Put another way...ask anyone on the...
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    How to be a better wedding DJ

    My second thought (which required consideration), is this: Become a "Student of the Spontaneous". Every wedding reception has something about it that is unique and does not always manifest itself during pre-event planning. Observe everything and find that special nugget that you can turn...
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    How to be a better wedding DJ

    My first thought was to add this statement: "'s ABOUT the couple...but it's FOR their guests." When you finish the article, I would love to read it. I hope you will consider sharing it with this fine, gentle and never never nit-picky group!
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    Here's a start... Here's this weeks most played songs at the local Alt outlet here in Denver (KTCL)