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    Prayer Request

    Hello and thanks to everyone for the prayers. Madison came through surgery today with flying colors! I really appreciate every prayer and positive thought each of you sent our way! God IS good...all the time!
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    Prayer Request

    Thanks gang! I'll post on Thursday to let you know how things went. Rocky, I'm born and raised in the Crescent City! Since Madison was born four years ago, I stopped DJing to be at home at night and on weekends with her. I've stayed connected to the industry by lurking at this board and...
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    Prayer Request

    Dear Fellow Christian DJs, On Thursday of this week, my four year old daughter, Madison, will be having surgery. Please keep her in your prayers. Many thanks in advance!
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    25 years ago today...

    WOW! I can still remember racing home from 9th grade in the Fall of 1981 to watch MTV! MTV got me through High School. Fond, fond memories.
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    Gig pics!

    Very nice, Ron!!!
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    Do you have a Christian Music Radio Stationg in your town?

    Do you have a Contemporary Christian Music Radio Station in your town? If no, how do you stay up on the new/popular stuff? If yes, do you listen to it regularly for music programming? In New Orleans, we have Lifesongs which also webcasts at
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    I lost my father this week

    John, Please accept my condolences on your loss and know that my prayers are with you and your family. May the memories of your dad bring you comfort and peace in the future, until you meet again.
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    WOW.. love the new look!!

    I like it! A+
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    The Morning Radio Guy

    Loved it!!!
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    Congratulations to Texas Longhorns... and ME!!!

    Great game, but so was the "Senior" Bowl with Bowden and Paterno. Made me wish that games could still end in a tie. My Top 5: 1. Texas 2. USC 3. Penn State 4. Ohio State 5. LSU My prediction: Next year's National Championship game will be a rematch of this year's Peach...
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    Happy New year to all of you and good luck in '06

    Right back at you, Bill! And Happy New Year to everyone else at the ProDJ family!
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    What is your favorite OFF THE WALL TV show?

    All time favorite: Seinfeld Still on favorite: South Park
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    Grammy-Winning Singer Lou Rawls Dies at 72

    He will be missed.
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    Grammy-Winning Singer Lou Rawls Dies at 72,2933,180849,00.html