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    Need a Dynacord bag/cover for D-8

    Hello, I am lookig to buy 1 Dynacord SH-D8 Bag/Dust Cover to fit the Dynacord D-8 loud speaker. I know that there are companies out there that will make bags (aftermarket), but I am looking for someone that has an OEM Dynacord bag that they would like to sell. Contact me if you have one with...
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    Fine-tuning the Hora dance.

    In my opinion the best song(s) for a Hora is "The Ultimate Hora Medley" by Steve Siagel on the CD - Steve Siagel's Jewish Party Cd. It is an 18 minute Hora Medley and I use it quite a bit. Although, sometimes they don't make it all 18 minutes and I end up mixing out of it. The CD is very...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Mar. 1, 2010

    Hello, I am selling a Gator GRC-10x8 slant top console case. The case is in good condition. Will Sell For $75.00 plus actual shipping from 16057 (FIRM) Here is a link to the mfg website:
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Mar. 1, 2010

    PCDJ Dex I am selling a PCDJ Dex License. I purchased the license a short while ago and ended up deciding to go with Virtual DJ instead. I will sell the license for $100.00 Call me if you have any questions (724) 794-8834 Thank you, Robert Pfeifer Pifemaster Productions...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Nov. 26, 2009

    X-Laser XTF50G / American DJ Mega Bar LED Hello, I am selling the following items that I purchased this past year and no longer need: 2ea. X-Laser XTF50G Pyros with a custom flight case 1ea. American DJ Mega Bar LED These will be sold DIRT CHEAP! For additional details and...
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    HELP! I Need Homestead MB Pass???

    Adam, I also tried to register today and found that they no longer had that date listed within the account. According to the original email I received, pre-registration is NOT a requirement, it was merely suggested. Although it did indicate that if you pre-registered...
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    Need a Case for American DJ MEGA BAR LED

    Hello, I need to find some kind of padded case to store/transport an American DJ Mega Bar LED. Any one find something that worked out well?
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    Feedback on DJ Skirts TABLE TOPPER

    I was impressed with several different products offered by DJ Skirts. Already ordered the GLOW SKIRT table jacket and have plans on a few additional items.
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    Feedback on DJ Skirts TABLE TOPPER

    Hello, I have been talking with Steve at DJ Skirts regarding their Table Toppers and have a question that I would like to ask of everyone that has purchased the REVERSIBLE TABLE TOPPER: I wondered how many people that have purchased the "Reversible" topper are truly using it as reversible...
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    best 18" passive sub

    Ev/dynacord I use 2 EV QRx118S Subs powered by a Dynacord LX 3000 amp. For high freq. I have 4 EV QRx115/75 (most times only use 2) powered by a Dynacord LX 2200 amp. Everything runs through a Dynacord DSP 260 processor. I LOVE THIS SETUP! Although a little more expensive than other...
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    Parking at the Riviera for MBLV09

    Thank you to everybody for the great advice. I was able to make a reservation through Enterprise for the following: Pickup: 02/15/09 10:00am Dropoff: 02/26/09 10:00am Economy Class - Unlimited Milage Total With Taxes $219.70 I called Enterprise before making the reservation, about...
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    Parking at the Riviera for MBLV09

    dj-jc, Thank you for some great advice. I actually did a google search a couple of days ago and found that exact same website that you provided. They do seem to have some pretty good rates on rental cars. I am going to have to phone a couple of companies directly to confirm any geographical...
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    Parking at the Riviera for MBLV09

    This is definitely something I want to address with the rental company. When renting cars previously (in different states), I recall seeing georaphic restrictions in the agreement. San Diego is only a few hours away from Vegas, and the reason we extended our stay a couple of additional days...
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    Parking at the Riviera for MBLV09

    So then even the Valet parking is FREE (minus gratuity of course)? Any advice on a cheap rental car???? We arrive on Sunday Feb 15th and will be staying until Thursday the 26th. I do need a rental car that will allow me to drive to San Diego for 2 days ( I have a client that I have dealt...
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    Parking at the Riviera for MBLV09

    Cool - I like FREE! Thanks for the quick response.