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    Need A New Microphone!

    I sent in an AT 3000 series mic for repair. The unit was dropping completely out every three words (no cell phones on my person). The unit also had a ground loop that other AT 3000 units did not have (it wasn't the sound system). At charged me $60 to tell me they couldn't find any problems. I...
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    Virtual Dj 7 Transfers?

    Does anyone else have problems with cue points not being saved correctly? I can save, and use them at a gig, but when I pull up the same song, it shows a cue point, but it is always back at the beginning of the song.
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    VirtualDJ 8 Is Available NOW!!!

    I am using Virtual DJ 7 doing music videos. I am looking to upgrade from a standard mixer to a midi mixer/controller. I would want the controllers sound card quality to be as good as the Gigaport HD. I have been looking at the Denon DN-MC6000. Any suggestions?
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    B+ Review? Hmmmm that seems generous

    I hope you are doing well Jodi - its been a long time since I've seen you!
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    Game Show Mania Face Off Sale?

    Does anyone have a Game Show Mania Face Off they want to get rid of? PM me if you do! Thanks, Paul
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    Bright LED Scanners

    Nicky, Where are you getting these scanners for under $300 each?
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    Maybe Randy Bartlett is WRONG ;)

    Funny you should bring up the subject of Mad Joe Martin and karaoke. I was at a DJ Expo one year, and went to the Tun Tavern for a drink. They had a karaoke contest going, and it seemed that Mad Joe had all but won the contest.......until Ken Overbey walked in 2 minutes before the end of the...
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    Congratulations To MB's Mike B!

    Congrats on the new book Mike!
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    How To Get Your PC To Play/Read As Many Video Formats As Possible

    The codec for the MP4 video file is "mp42". I will have to search to find the codec for the MOV file that I couldn't play or convert. Are codec's similar to drivers for devices? If so, is there a codec pack available that I can install on my machine, so it will read the video files...
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    Let a client go before the contract signing.

    I have to agree with my good friend Randy. I wouldn't have a problem with the provision that required you to put in the contract that you would be the DJ. I would have countered on the request provision, telling them that you can agree to that, with a maximum of 20 to 30 requests. My guess is...
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    How To Get Your PC To Play/Read As Many Video Formats As Possible

    I keep running into situations where I can't play video's I download. In once instance, it was wierd version of an MOV file, in another, it was a wierd version of an MP4 video file. Neither Quicktime nor Windows Media Player would read these files. Three different video conversion software...
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    FTP Download Software Recommendations

    I took Bill's advice, and downloaded FileZilla - it was easy, and worked great! Thanks for all of the suggestions! Paul
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    FTP Download Software Recommendations

    I need an FTP download software application - does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Paul
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    Space Shuttle Endeavor Final Mission

    A good friend of mine developed the flux capacitor for the shuttles!