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    Uk 40-0 Or Not

    Coach K, will go down in history in the same conversation as Wooden. I hope they name an award for coach K someday! Even though I am a UK fan, I am not a Duke hatter, in fact I think they have the best program in the nation over the past 20 years, and have the best coach in the nation, hands...
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    Ev's New Ekx, Replacement For The Sx-300?

    I am a EV man and have ZLX, ETX, ZX1 and TourX products. I also have a set of Yamaha DXR15's that I absolutely love and do a lot of my gigs with (stand alone). I have heard both the DBR and EKX tops and I would buy whichever one you can get the best deal on as I did not hear any noticeable...
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    Uk 40-0 Or Not

    I guess we will have to go with NOT and 38-1. I am still very proud of our team! They ran in to a very good team last night that just outplayed us. My hat is off to the Badgers and I think Wisconsin and Duke will be a great Championship game, two great coaches and quality programs. I will be...
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    Happy Easter!

    God Bless you all and have a wonderful Easter Weekend!!
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    Uk 40-0 Or Not

    That was close, we got out played 90% of that game and still found a way to win. ND is a great team, that played in the hardest conference in college basketball.
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    Uk 40-0 Or Not

    37-0 but still a long road to travel. If KY and ND both play Saturday like they did last night, might be one great basketball game. I doubt any of the ND players will poke the bear before the start of this one. I think Dexter Myles comments were the best thing that could have happened, because...
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    Uk 40-0 Or Not

    Jodi, Your Buckeyes made the dance, and are moving on. I will route for them unless the meet up with UK. UK looked really bad in the first 8 minutes of their game, must of missed 6 shoots within a foot of the basket. We can't afford 8 minutes like that against a good teem.
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    Uk 40-0 Or Not

    Go UK Wildcats (34-0), we have 66 teams that are all 0-0 right now, the first team to a 6-0 season wins.
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    Brady Bunch Party!!!!

    Most people who like the BB, and I do, also like music from the Partridge Family Show, and the Monkeys, I call it Bubble Gum music. Any songs from the Monkeys, Archies (Sugar Sugar), the Association, Sonny and Cheer, Hand Jive, Candy, just to name a few.
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    Uk 40-0 Or Not

    OK Ms Jodi, we all hopped on the band wagon (Pro or Con) on Ohio State, now it is time for the same on my UK Wildcats. How many think they will go undefeated? They do have the most talent on one team in the nation, and somehow Coach Cal has found ways to keep them team oriented. It is nice to...
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    A Complete Song Playlist From March 2015 Wedding

    One of the first play list I have seen that I could listen to every song on it and enjoy them! I am 53 and love music from the 1940's to current, I will admit there isn't much Heavy Metal or RAP that I enjoy, but other than that I love music and you Sir must have a wide knowledge of years and...
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    Great game! Just to think, the National Champ only got in at the last minute due to a beat down of Wisconsin, had that game been close they may have gotten cheated out of the title. I do think TCU, which I am not a fan of, got cheated, as they were probably a better team than Alabama and FSU...
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    I like OSU, they got smart and hired a SEC coach :) I will be pulling for them, but I do think the ducks will roll. I am just glad Alabama had to play OSU and not Oregon round one, as I think Oregon would have hung 60 on the tide, as bad as their defense played.
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    Lgbt Events?

    If you get further into a conversation with them, then just be honest. If you want to do those type weddings, just tell them you are very willing, but have no experience and want to insure you make their special day just as wonderful as you do with your other weddings. Everyone enjoys a honest...
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    Christian Artists For Sweet 16

    I do dances for a local Christian HS. When I get request for Christian Artist I try and use a few inspirational upbeat songs during the early part of the dance as folks are arriving. I then use a few of the slower ballads as slow songs later in the event.