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  • Nicky-

    I am new to the forum and am a former Mobile DJ. I am trying to sell a set of the Walla balla and Wango tango games but when I post on other DJ forums they either delete my posts or make them unaccesible to me since I have not reach the "Minimum Post amount." I am checking with you before I post. Is there anything I am not allowed to do in regards to posting these items for sale on this forum? It seems the DJ boards have become rather snooty since I did my last gig a few years ago. Thanks!

    Glenn M
    Thanks Arnoldo .... I love your setup and its neat, clean appearance. I've been using a 5 panel facade and have been looking for a way to incorporate an uplight under my tripods. I think this just might be the solution. I haven't gone to the vertical truss yet because all I have is 40 ft (4 x 10') of optikinetics 9" tri-light. It's great for overhead trussing at 11 lbs per section but I think I'd need 12" to 16" box truss for that job.
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