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    "Falco - Rock Me Amadeus" gimme ideas!

    I am in a cafe right now, so I can't play with it, but I am thinking it would make a great mash with Pour Some Sugar on Me at the breakdown, or just slam it at the cold ending. Both need to be sped up a smidge in my estimation.
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    Rig pic thread?

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to come up with the perfect rig - I love my old one, but it's just too much to move. I've been away from the boards for a while, and popped-on to see if there was thread of rig pics from which I might draw some inspiration. I can't seem to search one up - anybody...
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    What to do if they change their minds.......

    If you have a good contract, you could certainly enforce it, but in this particular instance I'd probably proceed in the manner you have suggested for the very astutely-observed reasons you've stated - Cut your losses and offer a full refund, but by no means should you discount. By doing...
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    I used IM for all my requests tonight. WOW!

    Reading the entire text history of the evening was some of the best internet reading EVARRRR... Hilarious. I only wish it were possible to have names associated with each individual.
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    Bad bad BAD cover of an old Neil Sedaka song. Eeegh! (Found it on Rhapsody, by the way) If this is the sensation that you say it is (will be doing a little research) an't wait to lay this on a wedding party later this summer. The place is going to go coconuts. I just know it. Half of...
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    How to gain a competitive edge - MC

    Getting over the jitters (I still freak out *every* time before I greet guests) working it out at toastmasters are great ways to add to the skills, but I found Mark's two-day workshop has been one of the best jump-starts to improving my performance. Even more so than the Love Story. It helped me...
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    Your favorite sites to visit for your business!

    Great thread! I have stolen a few already, though I am staying far, far away from Mark Beecher's cartoon network link. I will be lost there for hours. I likes me some it' a daily blog of the best "getting things done" (GTD), money management, and computer goodness all...
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    DJIS: Wedding cake disaster!!! I can't make this stuff up!

    Cut the cake by AWB? Really? I would have played "Pick Up the Pieces." Nyuk nyuk......
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    what songs have you re-done?

    Boioioioinnng! Really? I sometimes PAUSE right there to leave the crowd hanging.... Crack the mic, tell the crowd to "Wait for it.... Waaaiiiiit for iiiiiiit...." then let 'Em HAVE IT. You can do the same thing with "Tiiiiiin Rooof! Rusted!"
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    She was still alive? Who knew?
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    FREE remote access to you P.C.

    Use to deal with the changing IP address problem of most ISP's. Free and works great.
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    Beatmixing with mp3s

    I am really liking Virtual DJ which I have been playing with a LOT lately. My gig machine is OTS - not quite what I want anymore I think, but I use it because it's stable as hell.
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    Comibned Mother/Daughter Father/Son dance song?

    I like Tempatations - My Girl. Works both ways. Add in the the M/S right before the instro break.
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    Big new job with Coca-Cola

    You know... Coke IS reported to be a spermicide. Maybe you are just not using it right.
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    Big snowstorm right do you handle cancellations?

    First, I take great exception to the suggestion that those of us with different policies are are "screwing" clients. There are plenty of good reasons on both sides of this debate, and those of us that view our calendar dates as inventory have a legitimate reason for structuring our agreements...