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  • Any suggestions on cell or wifi service at events with Pulselocker. downloading is very slow?
    Mark -
    I grabbed the 10CC mp4 video using Mozilla Firefox with the Flashgot downloader.
    Hey... I have PM'ed Ken as well.

    Would You guys take down my thread to Jason Cathcart. I intended it for all of us to reach out to Jason and express our condolences. It has turned into some thread about suicide. I have no idea exactly what happened to the member of Jason's family, it does not matter. Those whom posted should have had better common decency than to post about suicide. Cap appears to not even have read the entire post, as is his habit of doing. Unbelieveable, try to do something nice and self centered egotistical dj's turn it into their chance to exercise said ego.
    Hey Main!!! I screwed up. Could You correct my spelling on the header of this thread?

    They are aucition off my memories

    One too many cups of coffee this morning.
    Mark, just about to go workout and wanted to know if there is still an area that posts examples of ideas oe., School Party Planners, General Activity Planners...stuff like that. Been away from this site for so long it's all foreign to me. Thanks
    Mark -
    How does one go about "unsticking" and "sticking" a thread these days? The admin functions won't allow me to do the USED GEAR thread since the new site has gone up. When I cursor over the administer function, the menu of capabilities drops down but I can't select any of the options. I am about two weeks behind on the July posts ....... duh
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