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    Old Fart

    Was I supposed to be hitting on bridesmaids when I was a young DJ? Now I'm feeling that I've missed something...
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    DJ History Timeline (inspired by Jodi's TBT)

    I still have that GLI mixer, used it until 2002 or so.
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    Child's Play

    My first thought would be the Djay program for the iPad.
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    New Blog Post: 10 Tips When Hiring Your DJ

    A lot of people get this wrong (I did for a long time), but the plural of "DJ" is "DJs", not "DJ's". The apostrophe denotes a possessive.
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    Sometimes, cheese is good.

    Half of the top 10 in the MobileBeat 200 is cheese! It's not a business for the lactose intolerant.
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    Midnight song to begin 2014?

    Didn't work NYE, probably would have played "Let's Get it Started" or "Feel this Moment".
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    Disco Playlist

    Don't have the BPMs handy... Hot Stuff/Bad Girl (Donna Summer) H.A.P.P.Y. Radio -- Edwin Starr Baby Face -- Wing & A Prayer Fife & Drum Corps Mighty High -- Mighty Clouds of Joy Instant Replay -- Dan Hartmann Born to Be Alive -- Patrick Hernandez
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    Who else was left out of the R&R H.O.F.?

    If Jimmy Buffet were to get in, I would personally rent a wrecking ball and knock the place down.
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    "Love Is Easy" by McFly

    I have a copy -- it is on the British Now CD, Volume 84. I listen a lot to British radio over the internet and usually buy the UK compilations either when I'm in Europe or through WOWHD.US. Many times, the UK is many months ahead of the USA charts. There is also a McFly album on sale...
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    Higher Ed

    B.S. Computer Engineering
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    Fish songs?

    I suggest having "Alone", "Goodbye to You" and "Single Ladies" cued up and ready to go.
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    Fish songs?

    Is there any scenario where this ends well (regardless of the music)?
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    Laptop Quality Ranking

    For laptops, I've had good luck with Apple, Lenovo and HP. Dell is hit and miss for me. My Sony Vaio has awful problems with the hardware. I've built my own PCs from components, but not a laptop.
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    So, what's wrong with 90's dance music?

    Until Billboard changed their rules in the mid-1990s, only songs actually released as singles could chart on the Hot 100. This era saw a decline in 45s, and it was before the era or iTunes and downloadable tracks. I think this was a big contributor to the long reigns at #1 during this era --...
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    So, what's wrong with 90's dance music?

    There were a lot of great songs, but Top 40 radio was rather weak in the USA between the late 1980s and the late 1990s... MTV was playing more hip-hop and grunge. There were fewer songs of common experience from the time. I feel much more comfortable playing current hits in 2013 to adult...