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    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    Blame it on the rain!
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    It's Time To Hang Up The Headphones!

    Hey Nicky! I haven't chimed in here for a while. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it! :hp1:
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    Today's Load In

    They've got the right man on the job!
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    What Has Happened To This Site?

    Yup, it's been a bit slow here....
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    We're International...matty D In Madrid, Spain

    Very cool! :hp5:
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    New Album From Tiffany (yes, That Tiffany)

    Definitely Debbie. I bought this album when it was charting and still have it. :D
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    Love it Bill!
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    Electro-voice Zlx-12p - Opinions...

    My FBT MaxX 4a's are turning ten so I am thinking about changing them out, even though they've performed flawlessly over the years. Does anyone have experience with the ZLX-12P? I like the look, features, weight and even the price so I am considering them. I just posted a question on the EV...
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    Echomate Plus

    Order mine already too. Thanks Bill! :D
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    Echomate Plus

    Bill, can you DIM the preset colors using the remote?
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    Snake Eyes

    I like the mini version!
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    Table Top, Stand-up Desk-$25

    Saw it, cool. I actually place the original box my Martin PR1 came in on top of my desk and use that. Works for me!
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    10/10 Homecoming

    Just giving you a hard time cause I know you like it. ;)
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    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For November 2015

    Keep it going Nicky! Come on....
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Bill and all my online buddies!