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    Cold Temperatures...

    Also, Nicky has the right idea about keeping his computer and hard drives! Hard drives are real susceptible to heat and cold and should be avoided for a longer lifespan. Boomer, if you guys need testing in extreme temps let me know! :)
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    Cold Temperatures...

    I can say it was not the cold that is for sure! A few years ago I did a New Years Eve wedding and they had the countdown outside so I had 3 K12's outside. About 11:15 I went outside to setup my speakers and fire up my laptop and Shure wireless receiver (hopefully it will be replaced by a few...
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    Christian Artists For Sweet 16

    I know I'm extremely late to the show but another good hit with the younger crowd is Chris Tomlin - God's Great Dance Floor. Now that I'm writing this my mind went blank. I actually have had a lot of Christian music requests lately. Not sure if it's the upbeat tone or what the change is...
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    Wireless To Speaker Question

    I have a Shure wireless receiver and I was thinking of using it to transmit to a remote speaker that will be about 150' away due to a building blocking the area. Exactly what else do I need to get this going. It used to have a microphone but the mic got stolen and I figured I would ask because...
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    Anyone have Tricaster Experience?

    Attached are the current and old tricaster I'm using. Right now on my desk is an old Tricaster 100 I'm too embarrassed by that one to post a pic lol ]
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    The Most (and Least) Reliable Hard Drive Brands

    Always have to have McGuyver's phone number on speed dial, the gig wouldn't be complete without it!
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    Looking at new DJ software?

    I have used ClubDJ Pro and I have liked it. The interface is good and I have been using it since 2.0. I think the new version is 6.0 and is currently on sale. I was given a promo code to bring it down to $29.99, so if you like it let me know I'll share the promo code. I bought two additional...
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    Absolute best prices . . .

    I will do that once I get home :)
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    The Most (and Least) Reliable Hard Drive Brands

    Backups are extremely important! Never rely on just one! When I DJ, I usually DJ off the hard drive and I have two external drives, one Iomega eGo and one Seagate, a third that I keep in my bag is a WD. It's a pain in the rear to keep them in check but it's worth it if and when one would die...
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    Monster, Go DJ!

    Looks like it's too easy to get broken, lost or stolen. I'll pass!
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    Anyone have Tricaster Experience?

    Sure it will be an easy transition, all we do with ours is live display, I'm not sure if you will be recording but that shouldn't be much more difficult. We are currently trying to get a Tricaster 860... I'll upload the pictures in a while, I thought I could upload them to this page.
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    Projector Stand/Adaptor

    Is the projector pretty stable? I'm just worried about the thing falling, or worse both of them falling at the same time and there goes $16k on two projectors :o
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    Denon - DND4500 sticky button and they won't cover it

    Hey BB I actually had that issue with the MC6000 and they wanted around $400 for it, when I called it in it was the matter of days out of warranty. If I would have called in warranty they said they would have charged for the issue because it is not covered under the warranty. After getting all...
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    Projector Stand/Adaptor

    Thanks for that suggestion Bob, but it doesn't seem like it can handle the weight of a 50 lbs projector. It says not to put TV's over 13" due to weight concerns, it could be the stand can't handle the weight though but I'll look into that. Colorado Sound & Light are wanting to build something...
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    Projector Stand/Adaptor

    I bet that is where I saw them, I'll give them a call and see what they have, one of my friends is a Nike rep and has 4 tickets to the game this next weekend so I'll probably take the 4.5 hour trip to Denver if I can get people to cover for me this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!