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    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For October 2014

    Up for sale is aPioneer DJM 5000. Works great! Has some rack rash and scratches on the back from plugging in cables without looking. Have moved on to a DDJ-SX so I don't need it. $550 + actual shipping. Lower 48 states.
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    7/18 Corporate evetn

    I had a corporate event with Hillshire Farms / Ryder on Friday night. Not really well run, but I did as I was told!
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    Paula's Filipino Debut on 7/12

    I had the privilege of entertaining at Paula's Filipino Debut last Saturday.
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    Kim's Filipino Debut

    Kim's 18th Birthday party at the Marriott Downtown Macon. In the Philippines, an 18th birthday is called a Debut, much like a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Quinceañera. Enjoy!
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    Event Video Log from 6/28

    I've had them ask to turn off the bliss lights. The LED lights were actually on white, my camera made them purple. I asked her if the lights were ok and she said perfect! So there you go!
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    Event Video Log from 6/28

    We had 3 events on 6/28. Kristen took care of the photo booth at one wedding, while I did a photo booth rental in the afternoon and then had a wedding with Angela manning the booth there, while I DJ'ed. Enjoy! I can't get this to embed, so here's the link...
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    Vlog for 6/14

    Kevin and Angela of DKH Entertainment travel to Hampton, GA for Tyler and Kourtney Littlejohn's wedding celebration.
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    Gig log with the new Atlanta Photo Booth Video Facade

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    Light stand "pins"

    You can get them at Tractor Supply too.
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    For those cursing the NEW iOS 7

    I love the new version! My phone is actually running faster. It's a 4S.
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    OT: Meet Jason William

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    Mounting a Speaker Ontop of totems

    I have used a pipe flange bolted to the plate and a piece of threaded iron conduit screwed into that. Used to mount my Mackie 450's that way all the time. Never seemed to have a problem with it. 2x2 bases and never sandbagged. I think I only went 5 feet.
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    Wedding Expo Predicament. Giving the keys to your competitor.

    Past clients to staff your booth. That's your best advertisement!
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    ISO Sennheiser SKM 100 G2

    Sennheiser SKM 100 G2 the power button on my G2 mic broke off the circuit board! This mic still works and is a great back up to my newer one. Anybody have an extra handheld laying around? I need a freq range of 518-554. Thanks! kev
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    Have you ever played that one song......

    Played the ultimix of Sweet Home Alabama when I was still in Orlando. I got told you ONLY play the original. Didn't matter that Brooks and Dunn opened their show with the same mix. I haven't even attempted it here in GA!