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    Star Wars Fans?

    I'm going to see Star Wars tonight. It finally came to Redbox. Getting the popcorn ready!!!
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    Prom Tunes?

    Thanks - I'll check out 2 Phones, haven't listened to that one yet. I try to use remixes or my own enhanced songs when possible. Any added "thump" helps with the dancing. ;)
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    What Would You Like To Get Out Of Vegas This Year?

    I would like to get my gambling money back from Vegas.:hp23::hp23:
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    Song Titling Headaches Copying One Drive To Another

    Just a thought...on my Virtual DJ database I have the "filename" and then the way I want it to be listed in the program. Many times these are not the same. Just like when I buy a song off of Amazon, it may begin 04 - artist - title, meaning it is the 4th song off the album but I don't want that...
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    Spanish music "All-Time" Hit list

    Great information here. If they're hiring you to DJ, they probably understand you're not a Latin Music expert. Having 3-4 excellent Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue and Latin Pop songs should work. I would ask them to supply you with a thumb drive of their latin songs to play if they are expecting more. :)
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    I Love This Stuff..feast Your Eyes

    Someone will do it. That's minimum wage for a week.
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    Prom Tunes?

    Thanks! I'll check out their latest.
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    Prom Tunes?

    What are this years best tunes for a prom?
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    Prom Tunes This Season??

    I've got a prom this weekend, what's hot now?
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    Revisiting The Mobile Beat Top 200

    Shazam's top 10 list
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    Gary Kassor Passed Away

    When he won the award, he was in a wheelchair, if that jogs your memory.
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    Gary Kassor Passed Away

    Some of you may remember Gary Kassor, excellent entertainer/DJ won the Entertainer of the Year Award about 10 years ago in Vegas. He was from the Cleveland OH area, also known for doing horse racing games. My thoughts are with his family. He died from complications from diabetes which he was...
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    Vdj 8 And Denon Mc4000

    Thanks Partyman. I unclick almost everything and something must have worked.
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    Help - Asio Not Enough Channel - Vdj

    I bought a new mixer MC 4000. Changed to VDJ 8. And drivers and ASIO are doing well. :) Going to take in my MC6000 for repairs...
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    Vdj 8 And Denon Mc4000

    Just hooked up my computer to MC4000 and changed to VDJ 8. I am finding that my songs are automatically syncing the BPMs. Any thoughts? Can the sync be turned off either on the MC4000 or VDJ 8?