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  • How do I get my membership deleted? I haven't DJ'd in over 5 years and I don't want this to show up in a Google search.
    Ken Heath
    Ken Heath
    We cannot control what shows up in an internet search, but I will make sure your profile is deactivated as per your request.
    I'd love to have it but I don't think I can swing it right now, still looking into it. If we hadn't lost our butts on selling our house in Chicago I'd be in a better buying situation... I'll keep you posted. Maybe you should just accidentally ship it to me and then tel them you never saw the board and don't know what happened to it, LOL
    Ken, Np and no hard feelings. Sometimes we all gotta do what we gotta do. I appreciate the explanation. It's pretty much what I suspected. We kewl. -Z-
    Hey Ken,

    I just reported a Steve Lynch post in the General Forum which was a blatant sales pitch.

    Your thoughts?
    Hey Main!!! I screwed up. Could You correct my spelling on the header of this thread?

    They are aucition off my memories

    One too many cups of coffee this morning.
    Thanks, again, for your ***istance a few weeks ago...I'm running the two amps together with the 1/4" & XLR cables as you suggested and it's working great!
    Hey... ahhhhhh... incredibly stressed out over a bride and my downtown getdowns shows being changed without my permission

    AND posted without checking my spelling.... should be propose instead how I spelled it .... porpose.

    How about deleting the thread or if you can change that porpose on the front page so everyone will not find out I am as a big a jackass as I know I am.

    Thanks Ken...

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    DJSteveZ has violated TOS in a personal attack on me in waasta's thread Uh Oh! Guess Who's Back (Again). I am asking that the offending posts be removed, that he be disciplined, and that the thread be closed. I will be happy to add him to my ignore list once this has been addressed.
    I started a thread yesterday about working with other entertainment vendors . It was up for a while and had a few responses. It has disappeared. I mentioned the vendor rep (for a dance company) was Hispanic and never spoke with me. I mentioned this ONLY because I was making the point that he did not communicate well. Why was it deleted?

    My apologies for not seeing this sooner... messages are just a little tiny flag at the top right corner now and soooo easy to overlook! I'll get into this and see what's up... no worries! :)

    Hi Ken,

    Apparently someone has highjacked my account and said some nasty or inappropriate things to another DJ that I find disturbing. For the record, I would like it to be known I DJDave did not post anything to Ornaldo Offerman. I actually admire his enthusiasm and drive for his offering to the industry, quite the opposite of what I supposedly posted. I had done some inappropriate things in the past to Mr. Martin and I vowed to never do that again to him or anyone else. Just so you know.. I now will go under the name DnD since my original account is not under my control.


    Dave Maddon (DJDave)
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