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    Looking to replace CD player

    I owe you a cup of coffee on that one! Thanks! I'm actually going to be out your way on 14 May. I get to be a GUEST at a wedding somewhere in Poughkeepsie. Since I'm not working it, I'll know where it is when the wife tells me to get out of the car!
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    Looking to replace CD player

    I'm looking to replace my Numark CDMix2. It took it's last breath last week and after countless hours of CPR (Carefully Placed Repairs) she just couldn't be saved and her plug was pulled. After today's tearful service, I knew that my career as a successful entertainer must move on and recover...
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    Anyone in Cumberland MD open May 1st??

    before I quoted her a price I would have asked just one question....How much were you paying the DJ that bailed out on you?
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    Kudos to the Riviera Vegas!

    Chuck (aka "the snakeman") you are correct in what I would do 100%. When I went down to the front desk, after what happened in the room, shoes wet with toilet water and my hand still ice cold from having my in the tank, yes I was a little pissed. However, I have learned in my years of...
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    Kudos to the Riviera Vegas!

    Mike, it was the Monaco Tower.
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    DJing & Announcing on National TV 2Night! TUNE IN TO ESPN2 for OU vs. UCONN Game

    Go UConn!! The ladies ROCK!!!!! Oh, I'll be listening too. Great to meet you last week.
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    Kudos to the Riviera Vegas!

    well, I don't chime in here very often anymore, but have to add my 2 cents on the Riv. On Tuesday, the toilet in my room overflowed (not from me, I just went #1). Now, not only did it simply overflow, but the flapper in the tank broke. After seeing that there was no way to control the overflow...
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    MCing a bridal show- any tips, suggestions, resources?

    - Keep your time in front short and simple. - Don't try to do a stand-up routine. - The difference between a good MC and a GREAT MC is simple. Make the people you are introducing the stars of the event. It's not about you, it's about them. If you can convey that as the MC of a Bridal Show...
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    Mblvx Roll Call

    I'll be attending and unfortunately, because of the change of the show dates , I can't come out on Sunday. I have my most productive bridal show on Sunday so Monday is my arrival date. Too bad, I would liked to have attended some of Monday's activities.
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Nov. 26, 2009

    Used entry level lights for sale Used Pocket Scan 4X Package SystemSystem includes: 4 Pocket Scans, 1 DMX Solo, 4 XLR to XLR cables. I am also including the travel case for the units. It holds all 4 units. These are like new. I'm not one for lighting so they may have been used these 20 to...
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    You've Hit Lotto For 15 Million, What Do You Do With Your Dj Career?

    Answering the question: What would I do with my DJ career - I would NEVER do another wedding...PERIOD! I would however continue to work. I would hire a couple more people and only do my Campardy events. The extra people are the roadies and I'm the host. This is where the fun part would come...
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    Class reunions being cancelled left & right.

    and that is the reason why I never book a class reunion. They think nothing of cancelling the event.
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    Looking for a thrid game show system

    If there is anyone interested in selling that game show system that's just sitting in your equipment locker, not making you any money, send me an email.
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    What are YOU doing Monday to Friday.. As a DJ/Entertainer?

    I said it once and I'll gladly say it again. Once word - CAMPARDY! Check out the article in the last issue of Mobile Beat. I don't have a day off now until Aug 22. Plus, I have a second team out with 18 weekday events booked. Unlike the guys that do bar gigs or weekly karaoke events, I'm...
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    looking for a mixer

    Looking for a used Mackie 1402 VLZ mixing board.