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    Speaker Placement

    Watch that they don't 'dance' off the box. Really hard bass notes cause a lot of vibration.
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    NX200P Yorkie Sub Query

    Hi Gang, I sometimes use an nx200p to fill in the bottom when using my Eon15's. Sometimes it sounds great, other times there's an annoying effect that seems to travel out to the sides of the cab. It's tough to describe. A good example happened at a wedding this Xmas. I was set up in a...
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    Small effects/ fixtures

    Thanks all Great suggestions there. The LED options look very appealing. Just saw the new Chauvet MinSPot and MinWash as well. Thanks as always to everyone. I'll probably have more questions as I get closer to deciding (probably for wedding season next year). Keith
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    Ipod or Zune?

    I've owned a Dell Ditty, iPod Nano, Creative Zen, and Archos Jukebox. Of all these, the iPod had the worst sound. With decent headphones (I'm talking Shure E3c's and Sennheiser MX75's here), the bass is a problem. Not enough of it, and, with the Nano, no user definable adjustment. If you...
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    Small effects/ fixtures

    Hey Gang, Looking at getting into lighting again - thinking about it at least. But - I've always found the amount of hardware required is a real problem. Also, finding separate circuits to run the lighting is a pita too. If I go back into lighting, I'd need to keep the setup as small as...
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    OTS and M-Audio Audiophile

    Hmm. I guess I was a little vague there. I'm looking at the USB version for a desktop and a laptop.
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    OTS and M-Audio Audiophile

    Just wondering if anyone is using an AudioPhile sound card with OTSDJ? Need a new card and I'm leaning this way. Thanks, Keith
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    System Number Two completed

    Hey Gang, Thanks to everyone for all the advice in my last couple of posts. Nearly went with the Yorkville EX-1 system for my powered speakers, and also looked at nx25's, nx55's, ls700's and ls720's. Of course plans change! Our local MusicStop dealer just recently became a Lone and...
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    When to hang 'em up...?

    I, too, just about cashed it all in a couple of summers ago, but toughed it out and hired Brian, who has taken on a clientel of his own. I went back to a single system to keep it simple, and pretty much chose which gigs I'd do. I've also lightened the load quite a bit - physically. Used to...
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    Yorkville YX15P

    Hey Young, Just curious - you mentioned Powered Mixer but the speakers themselves are powered. Keith
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    Yorkville YX15P

    I agree completely - you may not always get what you pay for, but you seldom get more than you paid for! That's why I posted about these speakers - to see if anyone had tried them - I won't be. I think most posters to this board have been around for a while and recognize the value of the...
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    Yorkville YX15P

    Or . . . Just maybe a good starting DJ will be able to get a speaker that sounds a little better for the same money . . . Why do I have a feeling the flaming has just begun?
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    Yorkville YX15P

    Not to be misunderstood - I wasn't impressed enough to make a purchase (currently have FBT - love it!), it's just that, for the money and for someone on a limited budget, I was reasonably impressed. A good contender with cheaper Behringers, etc. I am looking for a second system that might...
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    Yorkville YX15P

    Hey Gang, I was at a music centre last night waiting for number one son to finish his guitar lesson. Got talking with the owner and started listening to a few of his Yorkville products. Most I've heard before (and liked!). However, I was pleasantly surprised by the YX15P. Only 200...
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    JBL Eon G2's on e-Bay

    I should mention - I'm in Canada so shipping would be a little more. All sounds encouraging. Anybody got any good pricing on Yorkville EX1's?