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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Nov 2011

    For sale, (10) of the Eternal Lighting Flat Par Pro RGB fixtures in the black housing. Immaculate condition! Listed on ebay here:
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    Why was Steve Lynch's thread locked?

    This whole thread with its criticizing is why our industry doesn't have as much respect as it should. Instead of posting that seems that some in this industry are far more superior than other, instead of criticizing each other, why not help each other. I spend NO time on chat boards anymore...
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    Bashing vs. Difference of Opinions

    My my my, yet another lynch mob...
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    Bashing vs. Difference of Opinions

    Lemme guess...welcome to't let the door hit you in the azz... :roll:
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    Does this take away from the bride and groom or ...

    This poll, slanted as it is, is one of the reasons I don't come here anymore. I WILL say, it proves how much work Jimmie puts into his events and how well he gets to know his clients. 5 stars, Jimmie!
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    Peter Merry's BIG announcement

    No harshness Drax, just some levity.
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    Peter Merry's BIG announcement

    Jim: Next thing I expected out of your mouth (or keyboard) was "won't you be my neighbor?" :lol:
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    Vegas...another one bites the dust!

    Ya better be back in 2008 Eldon - cuz that's when I'll be in Vegas fo' sho' !
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    Welcome to the newest members of

    Have seen some new folks posting in the last couple days. I'm sure you're here as a result of the Mobile Beat conference. Or, if you're a lurker that's active again...welcome back!
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    Peter Merry's BIG announcement

    David: Thanks for the compliment! Been around here since December, 1997 when the very first design of the website went online (designed by Ryan Burger himself...)
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    Is anyone going to Vegas for Nightclub convention March 5-8?

    Nightclub and Bar has been a Vegas staple for years. Usually some of the bar/club owners I knew here go as an excuse to go to Vegas and drink, lol.
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    Are you a DJ?

    Pretty simple answer ... ;)
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    No Website Needed. 2007 nearly full.

    I offer it as an option, doesn't mean every bride is knocking at the door to get one. As I recall, this topic wasn't about me, was it? If you have an issue with me, I'm a PM away.
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    No Website Needed. 2007 nearly full.

    Robert: Several months ago, you came here asking for help in getting a website started. Now, you come here and gloat about all the bookings you have without one. Yes, you may have bookings, but think how MANY MORE you'd have with a website.
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    Post your BS (Britney Spears) prediction here.

    Britney Shears