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    New Persian Music

    I see a few posts on Persian music - that's helpful! It's been a few years, however - anything new that's popular on that front? Thanks!
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    Programming For Special Ed

    Thanks for the tip, Cap, he heard my call.
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    Programming For Special Ed

    Thanks for the tips, Bill!
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    Programming For Special Ed

    Hey Cap. What this organizers are looking for is a highly interactive experience that has lots of specific programming to fill the time. I certainly appreciate your comments about playing to all of them - hitting decades and varying styles, etc., and I especially like you pointing out my...
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    Programming For Special Ed

    Hello fellow entertainers! I've have a 'dance party' that I'm DJing in a few weeks, and I'm hoping to get some new programming ideas. This is the second year that I've done this group's party. The guests will be about 30 special-ed adults (ages 16 through 50). Though a few have are on the...
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    Bridal/fashion Show Tunes

    Hey guys - I'm the DJ/MC for an upcoming show. Finding good music for the broader show, is not too difficult, but I'm looking for some new tunes to spruce up the fashion show. That's guys and gals strutting down the catwalk wearing the newest fashions for the pre-bride viewing audience. I'll...
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    New Games To Freshen-up Events

    I periodically DJ events for groups of college students (incoming freshmen and first year students, generally). Groups can be anywhere from 30-130. The events are ultimately outdoor picnics (college provides food), then the kids and I have time to play some games. Sometimes I'm lucky to have...
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    Never Bought Microphone Stands Before...

    Thanks for the tips!
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    Gemini 5200 'illegal'?

    Just checking... My Gemini dual 5200M (operates between 668MHz and 698MHz) is now illegal? Will become illegal? From what I've read, it looks like I should be replacing this microphone.
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    Never Bought Microphone Stands Before...

    What about tripod-type legs and a few yard "staples" or other type of small yard/ten stake at each leg?
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    Never Bought Microphone Stands Before...

    We're hoping not to spend more than we need to on this - this is the first time I've received a request for this since opening shop in Michigan 7 years ago. Hoping to use my wireless mics. The pickup on one is omni-direction, but the other may not be (but will have to do - probably will use...
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    Never Bought Microphone Stands Before...

    This seems like such a simpl piece of equipment, but I've never had one in my arsenal. Next weekend I have a bride who's requested I use a handheld microphone/stand to provide sound support for the officiant/bride/groom during their outdoor wedding ceremony. The same ceremony, I'm providing a...
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    New Equipment, What Would You Choose?

    I used the QSC for years - love them - but I would stay away from the KSub. It just can't take the punch. The KW181 is a much nicer alternative with K-series tops.
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    2016 Prom Music Log

    My wife and I just made the decision to STOP doing school events (includes middle and high school dances). I love that list of songs, but I'd had been shot in my neck of the woods if I played that. We live in a pretty rural area, and the kids like their country and rap. Lots and lots of rap...
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    Wired Microphone For Ceremony

    Early June. I'll let you know how it goes.