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  • It surprises me to hear stories like this - very cool. Did your friend attend Alma College?
    We've got a family friend that was born and raised in Alma, MI - his name is Albert Tripp. He lives in Wendell, NC (near Raleigh).
    I guess Alma is small town. His brother in law is from St Louis, MI , down the road from Alma.
    Small world......
    Hi! I just bought a dell 2400mp off ebay, and its on the way. I'm wondering what kind of cable you use to connect this to your laptop..? I kind of got myself in a pinch offering someone a monogram for feb14th/valentines day.. And I'm now scrambling to figure out how I'm going to connect to my laptop and and clamp it to a stand. I sincerely appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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