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    Mobile Beat Tour Prizes

    This just made my day!!!!!! I cant wait to play with the DJM350.
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for October 2010

    Onyx and Sapphire Apple Industries Photo Booths I am selling my onyx and sapphire apple photo booths. The onyx is a year old and sapphire is a few months old. I paid over 8,300 plus tax and shipping for each one of these new... They are in perfect working condition... Come with USB...
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    Virtual DJ 7.0...Debut @ A.C. DJ Expo?

    I am a beta tester of VDJ and am in love with 7.0. It has a ton of new features and is sure to turn everyones heads soon!
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    VDJ Video Jocks, Who Are NOT Having the Dreaded Freeze Issue, Please List Your Lappy

    Model: dv7-3188cl Intel Core i5 430M 6GB DDR3 640GB Hard Drive Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit I use 3 of them and have no problems. Ive also used dell xpsm1330s and they all work without a problem.
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    help pick 4th of july fireworks songs!

    I am helping organize a 20 minute fireworks display and would like your input on song selection. The organizers want rock and roll, disney, current music and country included... all upbeat songs that you can bop your head to or sing along too... So far we have decided on: Boom Boom Pow...
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    USED GEAR = Buy,Sell or Trade for 12 Apr 2009

    12 mackie srm450s used but all in great condition. These are 3 years old or less and have minor wear and tear. I have a firm price of $425 for each of them plus shipping. I will consider driving to meet halfway. I am located in Buffalo, NY. Please send offers to 3 nec...
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    Text Live questions

    Good Afternoon, I have been using Text Live for about a year now. I continuously have problems with it though and am wondering if anyone else has the same problems as me. I have the Samba gsm usb card. I load the program and even when I know there are messages they don't show up...
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    DJ's w/ Alternate Sources of Income, Please Proudly Share Your "Other" Career.

    Jeff Toy Full Time: Teacher and Student Government Advisor Comments: Hence why I dj most school dances in the Buffalo region!
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Oct.25, 2008

    projector (4) NEC VT47 projectors for sale --- each has at least 90% of lamp life left. These things work perfect and have never failed. I used them at middle and high school dances. They look great. $375 for each. Paid over $600 new and these things are like new! Shipping from Buffalo...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Oct.25, 2008

    custom computer units For sale: (2) Custom Rackmount Computer Systems - built within the last 2 years and used for about 30 - 50 shows with music videos. Cost to build it is around 1,400 --- selling for $900. Willing to sell entire setup with fold down monitor, gator 10x6 case and pull...
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    DJ MAS ripped me off

    He is a senior member here since 2004! He has over 400 posts.
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    DJ MAS ripped me off

    Sorry... I was in the heat of the moment... I bought a subwoofer from him and he never delivered it to me. He said he was going to give me my money back but that was on Sept 4!
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    DJ MAS ripped me off

    I bought a mackie 1801 subwoofer from him on the used gear forum back on August 1st. I paid $850 for it and I never received my money. He said he was going to refund my money in early September and he has yet too. I filed a charge back via paypal and they gave me .06 cents left... what was...
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    wireless vga transmitter

    Good Afternoon, At a lot of my school dances I use multiple video screens to project music videos onto. I was wondering if anyone here used a wireless vga receiver/transmitter to cut down on running 50 to 100 foot vga cables. Thank you for your help!
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    Looking for a School DJ in Buffalo, NY

    I have many events booked for the coming school year in Buffalo, NY. I am looking for someone with experience to dj almost every weekend (1 or 2 nights) for the month of September and October and then throughout the school year. I will provide all equipment. If you are interested...