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    Denver DJs: wanna fill in for me at a club?

    I don't check these boards very often so please e-mail me directly if you are interested. jaykacik@gmail.oom I need a fill-in for a club gig on Aug 5. It may only be for a couple of hours, maybe more. It is centrally located near the mousetrap. This may just be a one-time deal...
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    Need Song Help (Ray Charles)

    Thanks! I really appreciate it! - J
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    Need Song Help (Ray Charles)

    Client asked about a Ray Charles song that would be good for the father/daughter dance. Suggestions? Thanks! - J
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    How many times have you walked through the kitchen??

    Check out this venue: Drive over a small bridge, unload, park 100 yards away, load into 2 to 4 gondola's, ride, unload, transfer 100 yards to 2nd gondola, load into 2 to 4 gondola's, ride, unload, go from there another 100 yards to the venue. Repeat in reverse at 11pm! - J
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    Laptop as a backup

    Ryan, I don't know what the minimum requirements for the various pro dj software are. If you are designing a system for the masses check that out first. If it's just for your guys, check out the minimums for the software you are running and then bump it up at least a notch. I ran Otsdj...
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    I need help from Colorado DJs in Lafayette area.

    e-mail me if you're still stuck I might have a name or two for you.
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    "So what's your backup plan in case YOU can't make it?&

    I haven't figured out a way to say this exactly, but at the rates I charge, my wife wouldn't have any trouble at all finding another dj to fill in at the last second if something happened to me. - J
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    You Know You've Been Doing This Too Long When...............

    Earl, You are killin' me here! ****************** ... you get an uncontrollable urge to pee every time you hear "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" or "American Pie". ****************** and EventsDJ: When your looking at new speakers and your first question is 'How much do those...
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    I need some help with some music lists - Please...

    Thanks for all the help. Pretty much what I expected as far as lists not really being available. Thanks again. - J
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    I need some help with some music lists - Please...

    I have a client that has asked me for lists of the top 100 in the following categories. Can you help with a list? Funk R-n-B (like James Brown, Prince, KC and the Sunshine band, etc.) Classic Rock Motown Oldies Pop I can't just give him the Mobile Beat Top 200. He wants the...
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    Halloween Time- Cat Songs and other stuff

    Close, but no cigar- Cat Stevens Alley Cat Black Cat-Janet Jackson Cat's in the Cradle Honky Cat-Elton John - J
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    CD Jocks' Computer Terminology

    Heard once about a Canadian guy that called tech support: Tech: sir, press "control, A" guy: "nothing happens" Tech: "what did you press?" guy: "I pressed control, eh" - J
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    Bridal party songs

    That's What Friends are for- Dionne Warwick Friends in Low Places-Garth Brooks Cheers-TV show theme Can You Feel the Love Tonight-Elton John What A Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong Stand By Me-Ben E. King Thanks for the Memory-Bob Hope Unforgettable-Nat "King" Cole Wind Beneath My...
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    There's probably a service manual on line somewhere. I found that with one of my laptops and it helped tremendously. - J
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    Ridiculous things to forget...

    Many of my shows are 1 1/2 to 2 hours away. It's a good thing I use a checklist. Before that I left my tux hanging in the garage once. Luckily for me the facility had lots of tux shirts and I just wore that black pants I had on. - J