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    How to get shows in the slow times.

    The best plan of action is to plan for these lulls and have enough money in reserve to live through them. This requires budgeting to spread out the money so you aren't blowing it all in the busy season. Ideally you should have charged enough during the busy season to allow the fixed costs of...
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    This is why I will never buy a DriveRack PA

    This issue is a whole lot of nothing. Follow proper procedure for power up and power down, then there is nothing to worry about. In the event of a breaker trip you should always power down the effected pieces anyway. If you reset the breaker without doing that, you're just asking for...
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    Club version of Ba-Donk-A-Donk?

    The 70's Groove Mix has a Disco/Funk base line. I haven't heard the mix everyone is talking about here, but I'd say they are not the same.
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    Digital software (yes again) what do you use?

    DJ Power is sold as a software package you can install on any PC that meets the specs. DJ Power Extreme requires investing in their hardware to reduce their support costs. As to the poll: I use MegaSeg, Traktor, and OtsDJ on occasion. Depends on what the right tool is for the show at hand.
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    PC HP200613 - Great Wedding Tunes for '06

    PrimeCuts will get you everything in the Top30 for the major music formats. Unlike Promo Only who often seems to miss a lot of stuff that goes Top20. The difference is mostly the weekly vs. monthly nature of the services I'm sure. However for the same money to get CHR, Urban, Country, and...
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    Respond to this....:)

    Simply reply: Our Reception packages start at $<xxx>. If you can find the additional amount in your budget, we would love to provide you with an evening full of fun memories. Otherwise we wish you the best on your day. Here is the name of <contact at local rental place> that can...
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    Mac software

    As I recall there is nothing like Mixmeister. The closest thing you will find is Traktor.
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    I am looking for a cheat sheet :)

    Basically this all boils down to should we give away our intellectual property to anyone who asks. My thoughts are it is up to the owner of that property. Some choose to share everything they do back to the world. Witness the entire Open Source movement and their often militant belief that...
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    Ripping music

    Quite simply Windows Media Player is the wrong tool for the job. DRM is unacceptable for files that you create from your own library. Not to mention the Codecs are crappy and/or closed. The best way to rip is to bite the bullet and get AudioGrabber or Exact Audio Copy. The first is the...
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    Ripping to mp3: What Bitrate?

    CJ, If you already have everything in CBR192 there is no need to reimport, unless you are going to go lossless. Higher bit rates in general are just a waste of space and the time factor to reencode again isn't worth the effort. Sure you might be able to tell the difference on some files...
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    Sucess rate on ripping collection

    Back to the original topic. I've found it's not so much the software but the hardware being used that determines the outcome of reading a disc. From time to time I'll find a disc that one drive will refuse to rip accurately, but if I put it on another machine with the same ripping software...
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    Do You Think This One's For Real?

    Rich, I got the exact same email for the exact same date. The difference is that it was in Abbotsford, WI. I dismissed it as a scam since it arrived at my personal email address and not my business address. All of my leads and contact information should point to info @ my domain.
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    Which OS would you prefer?

    From the estimated market shares I've seen the poll should be a dead heat. The question is how many DJ's (who tend to be thrifty and do-it-yourselfers) have switched over to open source. Linux is a great OS but it's lacking in professional multi-media apps. This could be barrier in adopting...
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    Now That's Music Vol 1-20

    When I started out my backup playback solution was dual discmans. They will work for you in a pinch, just don't expect to get tight beat mixes. On the other hand the iPod can be programmed to accept a playlist and run through it. However there WILL be a lot of dead air doing this. iPods...
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    DJ / VJ computer OS? Windows XP, XP Pro, Media Center... ?

    Wow... lots of support misinformation in here. Official Microsoft Support Timeline The life span for a consumer product is 5 years with 3 extra years of self-support. This is typically way longer than you will keep a computer and OS license anyway. The Business side is 5 years of...