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    Car Show

    The 327 did not come out until 1964 .
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    Robot DJ's

    Guess this was to get everyone thinking about what could happen. Who knows?
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    Robot DJ's

    Guess it was inevitable, they are finally here.
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    OT: Meet Jason William

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    DJ question for past/present military personnel

    As Ken has stated I would definitely ask for permission to post the pics or any comments, as they were out of uniform. This could get tricky depending on their unit.
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    My New Website

    Looks good Steve. Very Professional.
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    roll call

    Oxford, Connecticut
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    Lady Gaga disrespecting the National Anthem

    Say what you want about me, this isn't a Gay Issue, Lady Gaga is one ignorant person butchering our National Anthem, Another Sad Day in America!!! Isn't anything sacred anymore. Many soldiers fought and died for that American Flag which she just took the liberty to change the word for...
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    For the older DJs....

    Chuck, I have been a fan of Joe Walsh ever since Rocky Mountain Way. This album really bears Joe's soul. Thanks
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    Completed or Filing for an Extension?

    submitted my completed taxes . All done for another year.
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    A Soldier's Modesty

    Thank you for posting Steve, and you are welcome. Wish more people felt the way you do. When I came back stateside in 65 we were told to wear civilian clothes and not our uniforms because of the times. It was sad.
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    Blizzard of 2013 Survivor Role Call

    36 1/2 " here in Oxford, CT. Driveway all clear, had to use snowblower. At 69 years young the doc says do not shovel any more. LOL
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    FLASH DEAL --- ENDS IN 12 Hours

    Thanks Steve, Just picked up 2 for ceremony or small parties.
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    Mobile Rig.

    Now this is a Mobile DJ Rig.
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    What Songs Make You Cry...or develop untypical humidity in the vicinity of your eyes?

    Daddy's Little Girl, danced to this with my Daughter at her wedding 24 years ago and it still brings tears.