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    MB article on line: Finding DJ Employees - Where Not To

    Fly off the handle, half-cocked much?
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    Prime Cuts question

    Everyone has their own set of standards. Some people play it as safe as possible while others like to push the envelope.
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    Prime Cuts question

    "Started out talkin' right here"...
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    New report about pricing........

    That's entirely possible, but I've heard our discount was actually better then the one currently in place with Promo Only. Hard to say for sure though since our products are structured differently. As far as I know we've never received a counter-offer from Drax/ADJA. In fact they've never...
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    New report about pricing........

    It's certainly not for a lack of trying to work with the ADJA on our part. Unfortunately Drax refuses to work with us and would rather buddy up to Promo Only. Too bad really, since we have heard from a lot of ADJA members that they would rather have a choice of subscription services instead of...
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    Early 90's techno song help

    The commercial release wasn't until 1994 in the U.S.
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    Early 90's techno song help

    Not exactly "early 90's or even late 80's". :P
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    Early 90's techno song help

    M/A/R/R/S "Pump Up The Volume"?
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    Early 90's techno song help

    E-mail please.
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    Early 90's techno song help

    Moby "Go"?
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    Edited music

    Send me an e-mail or PM with your mailing info and I'll send you some PrimeCuts sample discs.
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    Keep a close eye on your PayPal accounts
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    what remake is

    Remix of Usher's "Yeah"?
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    Any alternatives to Promo Only that's about the same price?

    The song you're referring to is by the artist Flo Rida and is called "Low". It was serviced to PC clients on HP200738 (9/21/07).
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    same song two weeks in a row?

    Absolutely human error. Capitol sent me a white label cd single because they were in a rush to get it to stations. I programmed it on HD-C and PC that week. The following week I received the pressed cd single with full artwork and multiple edits. I simply forgot about using it the previous...