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    Lighting at weddings, what do you use?

    We use all types of lighitng at our weddings. I think the most important part of the lighitng system is the setup and the truss. I found that as long as the lights are even and no wires are shown. The customer is always happy with the setup. In that aspect we use, between 3-5 Meters of...
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    JBL 418 subs

    jbl 418 Very Interesting ideas. Since this cabinet has been discontinued I was able to get the cheap from JBL. They have only seen about 6 events. They are run with MP 410s or MP 415 depending on the size of the job. Some events we will run both subs a CA-9 some events we'll run just one...
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    JBL 418 subs

    I have 2 Jbl 418 Subs, the unpowered ones. I have blown ( completely burnt ) the woofer in both at seperate times. I am Using them on a CA-9. Using this set up on a rane Crossover set at 150. My DJs will make the CA-9 Blink Red, but never solid clip lights. I was looking for opinions on...
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    Crest Audio CA-9

    Both channels of the amp are the same volume, just one side clips earlier. Doesnt matter even if you switch the speakers. This amp sounds great, it just sounds exactly like our CA6. I have another CA9 that blows this one away. I'm curious about this repair you had with your CA9s. Again this...
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    Crest Audio CA-9

    I am having problems with one of our Ca-9s. It sounds exactly like a Ca-6. We use jbl m-pro 418s and 415s speakers. This partical amp was hooked up with one speaker, while a Ca-6 was hooked up to the other. Using two exact outputs from the mixer the sound was the same on both. Do the 9s just...
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    Help! Lost another one to cheap DJ

    I look at school dances as cheap advertising. Homecoming dances are most important because they are at the begining of the school year. My sales people will do whatever it takes to get our company in the school. Price is not an issue. As far as equipment, its simple, we go in there and...
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    JBL Subs with a CA amp

    If im understanding this right, your saying limit the signal peaks so you can crank up the gain. I was under the impression a BBE was the same as the Loud button your home stereo. Remember those ?
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    Multi Ops....a few questions..

    Multi For several years I have worked for large companies as one of the "other DJ/MCs". Now the owner of a multi-staff company heres some of my thoughts..... Most company's sucess is usually based on the owners performance through the years. For example Forest Gump Entertainment where...
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    To Logo Or Not To Logo...

    Logo I agree, on the back of our trucks by the door it says " Van is unload when parked " so far it has done the trick. Its true most of the time too.
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    Dj Facades / Frontboards

    it just bothers me because the screws always come out, i need somthing more hi-tech and classier. to use, I was thinking of a Display popup but there like 800 bucks
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    JBL Subs with a CA amp

    Thanks JJ, each of my systems for this season look to include 2 MP415s on a CA-6, and one MP418 bridged on a CA-4. The only other piece besides the mixer is a Balanced BBE Sonic Max. These systems should be good for the 100-200 person venues. I have to keep setup easy for all employees and...
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    Dj Facades / Frontboards

    Im sick and tired of the Grundorff facades !!!! Any one have ideas for frontboards. Im looking for somting durable but classy looking ? Thanks
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    Which four scanner package to invest in??

    VEI Novascans I own 8 VEI Novascan 250s, I love them ! they are a cheaper copy of a mx4, but on a dmx controller they work great. I have them in road cases and take good care of them. 3 years now no problem. Best part VEI is located in the Bronx, I just drive up if i have a problem. The...
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    magic mic ?

    I own a busy mobile company i was thinking of purchasing a Magic Mic, with the extra chips. Based on Long Island i find that at mobile parties with karaoke most people on sing like 5-10 songs at a gig. I was going to hook it up to a small 13 LCD. Is this a good idea ?
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    Any Feedback on Rane Serato?

    LOVE SSL There is no competition ! SSL is the way to go. Rane compared to Staton should just be enough. The biggest difference between them is the simple fact that rane will never charge to upgrade the software. The newer versions of SL have features that FS dont have such as Looping...