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    Higher Ed

    A.S Pre-Engineering B.S Workforce Education, Training & Development with a minor in Music and Mathmatics
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    Line dances for company party

    This is not really a line dance, but we used YMCA at a holiday party this past weeked. It even ended with a conga line going through the crowd near the end of the song.
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    Graphic Designers

    We just sent off to to design a new logo for my wife's travel business. If they come up with a good design, then I may give them at try.
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    USB sound output drop with plugging/unplugging fan

    I agree with what Steve said about Furman power "conditioners". I recently opened up one of the lower end model to replace the power cord and found three copper bars running the width of the outlets with a capacitor across 2 of the bars. So we are putting our faith in a $0.39 capacitor to...
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    Chauvet 6 play

    We are currently using the 4 Bar Flex and 4 Play for our basic lighting package. The 4 Play looks a lot better if you are using fog or haze, but this adds to the price of our package. We are planning on adding a 6 Spot when we find it at the right price to augment our basic light package.