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    Soundtech Revo....

    I just purchased a pair of Revo SR15P powered speakers and was wondering if anyone here ever owned or used them? I am trying to figure out the level setting for the gain control.... all it has is Min to Max no values listed like -10 to +4? Any ideas?
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    Powering EV SX500+

    Bob: Full Range. On a side note based on a post on "the other board" I talked to Michael Doucot at EV and he pointed me to the EV CP3000 or CP4000 as his reccomendations if I read the specs right they put out 600 and 900 at 8ohms... So will a QSC PLX2 1804(600/8ohm) or 3602(775/8ohm) work...
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    Powering EV SX500+

    From the SX 500+ EDS on
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    Powering EV SX500+

    Ok guys, I got a steal on a pair of used EV SX500+ and they like power 400rms at 8ohms. I bought a Crown Xti2000 that is 475/ch@8ohms and it seems to clip too easy/fast.. so if I return it I could get a QSC PLX2/1804 that is 600/ch@8ohms for even trade. BUT the question is would it help out much...
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    Cortex HDC-1000 - New Features for 2007

    Awesome :D I can't wait for the new features! Especially the seamless loops and playlists!!!! 8)
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    Cortex HDC...worth it?

    Ok, I gotta jump in here. Only 6 days ago I purchased the Cortex HDC-1000 mainly because its WoW! factor everyone has seen at least 1 "digital DJ" with a PC or maybe even a couple iPods but in an area like mine I have the ONLY system that uses a Hard Drive without a PC and I like to be...
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    HP/Compaq Presario Laptop For $398

    Be glad you can get them for this price... Wisconsin can't sell them that cheap its $538 here!!!! :mad:
  8. dynamicentertainment is sluggish again...

    :roll: I really don't feel like I have a 6 Meg dsl line when I'm around here :lol: Well it actually speed tests at 3.4 Meg. but you get the idea :twisted: Gotta be software or server the ping is an awesome 37ms!
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    Problems? DJ Scan 250 HP

    I had the same thing happen bought a pair one was bad out of box took it back got another then the other good one went bad at the next show so I took them both back spent a little extra and bought a pair of Mania SCX 500.
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    Need help with trance song

    I'm with Ed on it was mixed "Live" for the promo using Eternally as the hook, however I'll take my best guess on the original artist.... Quadran - Eternally (2002 Remix) It is similar in areas if you listen to both a couple times you can pick it out.
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    Redlight District By Luda?

    My bad it is Get Back... I had the wrong title in my head :? I was going from memory and both are Great songs.
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    Redlight District By Luda?

    This is easy I know Luda music very well! Its called Stand Up... Hope it helps!
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    Hey Booch!

    YeeHaa... I got Post #300 in ths thread :lol: And a bonus prize I see :shock: Page 21
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    This is what I did tonight...... Let the bashing at me begin

    I have done free parties and discount parties for family and close friends, no regrets. The phrases... "You cant't take it with you" and "Money isn't everything" come to mind :roll: And I'd also turn down a paying gig to attend one too, Actually I am Aug. 5th turned down 2 that day...
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    Mackie SR1521z vs. SA1521z ???

    I heard the SR Series and Loved them but I can't hear th SA Series unless I buy them... So anyone have an opinion I'm leaning on the SA1521z becaues 100 watts more power and 3db more SPL. $100 a speaker. What do you think? Anyone hear both models if I'm lucky? :roll: