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    Need lightweight powered speakers

    Another option is the FBT Evo Maxx 4A...12 Inch and about 28 pounds......I own both Hi Maxx 40A's...about 40 pounds and Pro Maxx 14A's..about 36 pounds.....I love them both...Hi Maxx's go louder...Pro Maxx's have more bass and maybe better throw.....For someone who want to operate free of subs...
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    MB Summer Tour 2013

    I think Mobile Beat should do it only if Mobile Beat can see a return on their investment monitarily or otherwise...The closest stop for me is Pittsburgh...I attended in 2009 however it is a 120 mile drive for me as well...Being that I am traveling to the ArmDJ Convention in June,I would most...
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    Will you like my Facebook page?

    I have a Facebook Business Page as well as personal but don't have it fully developed yet....I would prefer not to have a large portion of "likes" from other DJ's...Would prefer former and future clients and people who I have meant and known from gigs.
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    Small sub or 2 more K-12's??

    I own the EV SB2A/SB122 combo and I think it is a viable option...The each have a small footprint and weigh less than 40 pounds....For smaller groups I sometimes pair these with my Fender Passports. I believe these subs were designed for folks with physical limitations whether personal or...
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    Rejects - Cat Daddy: Several Requests, anyone have it?

    I had a slew of requests for it at my Prom Saturday Night....I could'nt play it as I do not go online at gigs but purchased it from I-Tunes as soon as I got home and will have it for the proms booked for the next 2 weekends..I checked the Prime Cuts database first and did not see it listed.
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    Fender Passport 150 Pro

    I have considered the Stagepas 500 but decided it would be redundant since I already own a pair of FBT MaxX 2A's which for 10 inch 250 watt powered speakers also put out remarkable bass and wide range....
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    Fender Passport 150 Pro

    This is most likely true...The #1 feature of a Fender Passport is it the only system with two 16 pound speakers that clip to the head unit creating a suit case like single piece that can be carried with one hand(though a tad heavy)...If it were not for this single feature I most likely would...
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    Fender Passport 150 Pro

    I am a fan of previous Fender Passports but the new generation not so much. I own 3...The original 1997 Passport P 250...The PD 500 which came out about 07 and the new lighter 500 Pro...I still use and love my P 250 and PD 500...The new 2010 model 500 Pro is a disappointment....Its plusses...
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    SEO Scam

    I got the call too but the Area Code was 623...I told him to E-Mail me his company info...He never did. He said he could have my website at the very top of Google in one hour...I think he wanted me to give credit card info over the phone which I did'nt...As soon as I did'nt get the return...
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    REVIEWS/FEEDBACK: Chauvet 4Play DMX LED Lighting (RGBW)

    If your priority is fast and easy set up and tear down I think the 4Bar/4Play Combo is as good as it gets.
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    FBT HiMaxx40a vs Art 325A (Comparison)

    I am presently in the camp that believes the FBT Hi MaxX 40A's are as good as it gets with stand alone Powered Speakers in their price range. It will be interesting to see(or hear) how the new FBT ProMaxx 14A's stack up against the Hi Maxx Cabs.
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    hooking subs up from my mixer

    I have been pondering the same situation..I noticed my Denon DN X-500 Mixer has a sub out with some sort of gain knob. My powered subs are EV SB2A and the tops would most likely be FBT MaxX 2A's. I am going to soon try it at home to see what happens and if not good look at the formentioned...
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    Detroit Tour stop is sold out!!

    Chris Evans On Mobile Beat Summer Tour It appears that Chris Evans who was supposed to deliver a seminar on "How To Double Your Wedding Business in 12 Months" has backed out of the Summer Tour...He was scheduled for the 3 of the 4 Legs....What Happened and Why? I am registered for the...
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    Question for Jim Weisz

    These format definitions are probably easily understood by Mobile Jocks such as myself who have worked in radio as well..In fact I was in radio years before I became a Mobile DJ..I still work in radio part time today....For the layman..Hot AC is sort of a middle ground between AC and CHR just as...
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    Mackie SRM450v2 Humm/Buzz Probelem

    I have had a pair of SRM 450V2's for a couple of years with zero problems..But then they have not been used that much.....I take my 5 year old FBT MaxX4A's out probably twice as much....I still think the Mackie's excel when it comes to Horizontal Dispersion.....I don't need any more speakers but...