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    Using VDJ without my Denon?

    Just change the audio settings to Single Output. It is probably on ASIO or Advanced right now.
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    Credit Cards? PayPal vs Square vs Local Bank - Surprising Personal Study Results

    It is viewed as an un-approved device, because the cabs have standard devices. Would you go into a SuperMarket, have the cashier say their credit card machine is down, but here use my square and hand over your card?
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    Reggae Music?

    More Current: Gyptian - Hold Yuh Bunji - We Ready for De Road There were a ton around 15 years back: Heads High, Mr Boombastic, Action, Murder She Wrote, etc.
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    Denon introduces MC6000MK2 Digital Mixer (Serato friendly)

    I think we're seeing a lot for Serato now, because there were so many for VDJ and there was demand for it. Now you'll start hearing some demand for VDJ again, and it will balance out eventually.
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    Batch File Renaming Utility (Not the tags, the actual file name) For MP3 Files You need to create a custom expression in it to make it work:, and it isn't fool proof.
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    Credit Cards? PayPal vs Square vs Local Bank - Surprising Personal Study Results

    An Australia based company I've worked for has paid me without issue multiple times using my paypal account, there is an extra fee, but I haven't had a problem.
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    Denon - DISAPPOINTING for sure!

    Similar here, 3 buttons on the right side can be a little touchy, but nothing that really affects my performance.. I think DJSkinnyGuy is right, a clean underneath may help it.
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    Slight skips with VirtualDJ

    Yup... wifi card is a common culprit.
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    Video DJ's ... The Silence is deafening

    I do a lot of it at Sweet 16s, at least 20 a year I'd say.
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    Gigbuilder down?

    It's working fine here.
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    Mc6000 - microphone noise problems?

    Have you made sure you update the unit to the newest firmware from the Denon website?
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    Business Name Change?

    I disagree somewhat with Mark, regarding sharing a name with another DJ company in a different state is not that big of a deal. All you need is another video like this: going viral with the other company's very similar name in it. Another Stardust...
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    Business Name Change?

    I would go with a different name. You don't want to be connected to another company in anyway, just in name included. At the minimum if you are set on Sound Selections, make it Sound Selection Productions.
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    where to buy UV Bubble juice? Hey, Arnoldo!?

    I'm pretty sure tekno bubbles is the only show in town, they have it patented. I've been using it for years. Never noticed any stains, except of course if you put the clothing under blacklights, lol.
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    Jamstands Karma cart vs. Rock n Roller

    The Jamstands cart is GREAT! Anyone want to buy a new in box one? I've had a R&R for 3 years or so, love it. Added photo booth and lighting and wanted a 2nd cart. Picked up the Jamstands cart. 2 months in there is rust and some other minor issues. I already sent it back and they replaced it...